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New Taurus UCX Firmware 1.4 is Available

We are delighted to announce the recent release of the newest Taurus firmware (version 1.4) that is fully packed with enhancements to allow users bringing out the most of their Taurus devices. After updating the firmware using the Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2), users can unlock the following improvements:

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UBEX Firmware Update v1.5

We are dedicated to never stop fine-tuning and polishing the solutions offered by our devices and to exploit their full potential, and the recent release of the Ubex Firmware update is the next step in bringing this uniquely versatile 10G AV-over-IP system to new heights.

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The New VINX Firmware 2.0 Update is Now Available

Our system developers are always determined to bring the most out of our devices and to unlock the full potential of the technologies used in Lightware devices, and the new 2.0 firmware version for our VINX 1G AV-over-IP devices is a clear proof of this dedication

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