Lightware defense and intelligence market

Defense & Intelligence

We Design, Develop and Deliver without compromise:
Reliable, Secure, Zero-to low Latency, Scalable, Open (for 3rd party interoperability) high-spec AV products and systems.

So that, our Defense and Intelligence partners, customers and end-users can with trust and confidence:
Enable mission outcomes and operational requirements to be achieved with low cost of ownership.

Zero Latency

Zero Latency

Providing real-time experience through Zero Frame Latency that is unnoticeable for the human eye.


Open API

Every bit of data in a system powered by Lightware, all the way down to the device level, is openly available for higher level management and monitoring systems.


Data Diode

A data diode is a physical network device enforcing data to travel only in one direction to guarantee information security.


Robust Build Quality

Devices built to deliver and extend signals even at the harshest and most challenging environments and applications.



Lightware products have a built-in video frame rate analyzer. Users can receive constant feedback about the exact pixel count and clock frequency as well.


IT Security

Lightware devices adhere to the latest IT security protocols and also come with HDCP support for complete peace of mind.

Command Control Centre solutions

Command & Control Center

Training & Simulation

Training & Simulation

Uncrewed Autonomous

Uncrewed Autonomous Operations



Briefing & Demonstration

Briefing & Demonstration Rooms



Different classification levels within networks
Demand for the highest level of security
Harsh operating environments
No signal latency is acceptable due to mission critical operations



Data Diode design for unidirectional data flow
Enhanced IT security features
Robust and reliable layout
Ultra-low latency and seamless transmission

LEVEL B - NATO SDIP-27 Certificatied

Eurotempest certification

TEMPEST Level B is the next highest NATO standard, also known as "IMMEDIATE".

This standard applies to equipment that can not be heard from a distance of over 20 meters. This Tempest standard applies to equipment operating within NATO Zone 1. This standard protects equipment both from 20 meters of unobstructed distance and a comparable distance through walls and obstacles.

The SDIP-27 Level B Certificate focuses on radiated magnetic waves of equipment used in classified environments i.e. Secret and assesses the eavesdropping risk. Please find the certification documents on the following product pages, under the ‘File Downloads’ tab.

lightware defense market

Deployed to challenging and often highly-classified environments, Lightware is proud to support mission-critical systems across land, air and sea domains, and has been delivering trusted AV solutions for defense and intelligence clients around the world for many years.

Our high-fidelity solutions can be safely deploy within highly classified environments in line with national and international Information Assurance requirements.

Unparalleled Reliability in Every Operation

Defense & Intelligence applications often require high levels of security and reliability, and due to the nature of their network infrastructure, different endpoints have various classification levels. Traditionally, commercially focused audio-visual and IT systems are not designed for these high-security requirements of the defense and intelligence markets.

Likewise, our MX modular matrix range is well-known for its durability, serving in numerous military installations around the world.

lightware defense market
lightware defense market

Data Diode Technology

They are most commonly found in high security environments such as nuclear power plants, electric power generation or defense facilities where connections between two or more networks are on different security levels, especially if those with lower levels also have access to the open Internet.

A data diode is a physical network device enforcing data to travel only in one direction to guarantee information security. As a result of its hardware design, a data diode separates the source (Transmitter - TX) and sink (Receiver - RX) on a physical level of a classified network, creating a non-routable, one-way data transfer between two endpoints. Such network design cannot be manipulated or compromised – a secure and convenient way to prevent even the smallest amount of data leak from a network’s secure zone.

Mark Minall

Ask Our Professional

Mark Minall Lightware's Vice President for the Defence and Intelligence is responsible for the companies global strategy and growth in the Defence and Intelligence market.

Mark brings more than three decades of experience in the Defense and Intelligence sector. His military background in C5ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) combined with his successful Business Development and strategy experience will see the global reach of Lightware products and services grow further into the Defense and Intelligence sector.

I am delighted to be part of Lightware and intend to build on its impressive success by further developing the Defense and Intelligence market.

- Mark Minall; VP Defense and Intelligence

Mark has a passion for innovation and technology and is looking forward to increasing brand awareness and familiarize the sector with Lightware’s products and technologies.

Do not hesitate to contact Mark if you have any questions about Lightware’s Defense and Intelligence solutions.

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The Police HQ Operations Center in Prague


The operations center of the Police Presidium has undergone great changes this year: extensive reconstruction, including moving and modernizing the IT and AV technology. The newly opened premises in the Police Presidium building in Holešovice are for operational commissioned officers based in Olšanské Street.

Lightware Equipment Used Lightware modular matrix switcher FR-MX33

Protec Explosive Opening Ceremony - 2019 IDEX

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The International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) is a biannual arms and defence technology sales exhibition. The exhibition is the largest defence exhibition and conference in the Middle East and takes place in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Lightware Equipment Used Lightware MX-FR33L router frame with optical boards