Welcome To The Age Of Taurus

Lightware is delighted to announce the debut of the Taurus UCX, a universal matrix switcher designed to tackle the common challenges of meeting rooms and collaboration environments.

This unique connectivity platform allows users to share their content, switch hosts and control their meeting room easily and intuitively.

New H40/HC40
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The Difference Taurus UCX Can Make

Meetings of the Past

  • Limited options to use BYOD
  • Confusing amount and types of cables and control panels
  • Unresponsive room devices such as displays and audio systems
  • Complicated configurations
  • Delays caused by long setup and ‘problem-solving’
  • “It’s just doesn’t want to work!”

Meetings of the Future

  • Easy and straightforward connectivity
  • HDMI and USB-C right at hand
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Simplified and automated controls
  • No more delays to start meetings because of technical issues
  • “It works just as it should!”

Access Multiple Video Conference Platforms
in One Room

The Taurus UCX allows users to utilize various video conference applications within the collaboration space from Cisco Webex to MS Teams to Zoom, and also makes it easy and intuitive for users to switch between these depending on the needs of their meetings.

During such meetings hosts doesn't need to worry about their laptops going on 'Stand by' anymore since the Taurus extender and the USB-C connectivity keeps the device charged.

We have created a series of videos that provide further insights into our Taurus UCX product line. Watch more videos to learn more about the unique possibilities it provides.

Lightware Advanced Room Automation is our future-proof room automation platform created for AV integrators as well as for meeting room participants to help them simplify their everyday interaction with AV technology.

  • User-friendly, easily-parametrizable software solution
  • Modules that eliminate the need of complex programming skills
  • Possibility for experienced programmers to write their own modules

LARA runs on Taurus UCX and will be easily configurable through a web browser while meeting room users can easily access their room’s control via a single touch panel.

Share & Power Your Device

Just bring your own device, connect it easily and start sharing your desktop with the room right away whilst also charging your laptop in one go. The Taurus UCX offers USB-C connectivity for simplified handling of audio, video, power and control signals via one single cable.

The two USB-C ports on the Taurus UCX devices can not only transfer data and video/audio signals, but can also provide charging up to 100W.

Switch & Utilize

Take advantage of all the built-in assets of the room from the USB webcamera to microphones and speaker systems and use them directly with your laptop or other device.

The Taurus UCX provides the possibility for meeting participants and collaborating teams to use their choice of video conferencing platforms while utilizing the USB assets in the room.

Control & Monitor

Access and control room facilities such as lights and shades without the hassle of using multiple controlling platform, as the Taurus UCX allows you to get everything done simply via the native control panel or touchpad that is already used for the video conference system.

The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support allows users can control sink devices (e.g. displays, projectors etc) on various end-points through HDMI connectivity, while the built-in web LDC makes it possible to easily configure the device through a web browser.

The Power of C - USB-C

The new Taurus UCX is a Unified Communications platform that allows you to Conveniently Collaborate by simply Connecting your own device via a single USB-C cable to share your Content and Control the meeting room easier then ever before.

It’s time to forget about the frustration and the delays caused by confusing amount of tangled cables and dozens of plugs or stubborn webcams that somehow ‘never want to work’.

The Taurus UCX combines video, audio, control and Ethernet signals into one single cable, and together with the autoswitching and intuitive room control capabilities it brings you the experience of the future. Today.

Introducing Lightware’s Full Feature USB-C Cables
for Taurus UCX

We are delighted to offer a range of USB-C cables - available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 meter versions - that stood our diligent tests and can deliver the full-range of features offered by Lightware’s devices, such as the Taurus UCX.

displayport alternate mode

Up tp 4K60 (4-Lane DP)

usb 2.0

Mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, speakerphone and webcam

usb 3.x

4K Webcam, SSD storage

powerdelivery support

Fast charging of laptops, tablets and phones


Convenient to use and to install

Learn more about the details and benefits of Lightware’s Full Feature USB-C cable range.

Download our guide and test your cables with Taurus UCX.

A Plethora Of Great Features And Capabilities

Full HDMI 2.0 compatibility
allowing 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 signals

USB-C Connectivity
and Charging up to 100W

USB 3.1 Gen1 connectivity
and Host switching layer

Analog and Dante/AES67
audio de-embedding

Simplified and Automated
Room Utility Controls

Enhanced Ethernet
Security Features

Watch Webinars

Join us for this webinar so that we can show you all of the innovations we implemented in Taurus UCX and for the very first time, we are also going to show it to you live!

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Application Examples

One Device. Limitless Collaboration. Taurus UCX.


Achieving 4K60 Video

Take a deep dive into the technical solutions behind the Taurus UCX’s capabilities to handle 4K60 RGB video signals on the USB-C input ports without sacrificing the possibility to utilize USB peripherals on the same cable.


Built-In Superspeed USB Hub

The new Taurus UCX comes with a built-in superspeed USB hub and superspeed USB host switch, allowing users to connect USB peripherals and switch between different host devices (such as laptops) easier than ever before.


Differences of USB-C Compatible Devices

Not every USB-C device is created equal, and neither are USB-C cables. Different laptops come with different capabilities and features on what is achievable through USB-C, including DisplayPort Alternate mode and charging.

lightware taurus UCX-2x1-HC40

Universal Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C connectivity


Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 connectivity and USB 3.1 Gen1 features

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC40

Universal Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C connectivity

lightware taurus ucx-4x3-hc40

Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C Connectivity

lightware taurus UCX-2x1-HC30

Universal Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C connectivity

lightware taurus ucx 2x2 h30

Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 connectivity and USB 3.1 Gen1 features

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30

Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C connectivity

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30D

Universal Matrix Switcher with USB-C connectivity and Dante Audio


ClickShare Conference in combination with Lightware UCX USB and HDMI Switchers can solve multiple use cases whereby e.g., multiple devices need to use the same USB peripherals, or these devices want to share content to the same display.

In rooms where ClickShare Conference is used as the default way to wirelessly present and conference, but occasionally users want to connect their laptop to either the display and/or the USB peripherals, a Lightware Switcher can be used to automatically trigger the required changes. Recommended switchers for this use case are the UCX-switches.

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Taurus UCX Enables Seamless Collaboration Connectivity for Emory University

Emory University School of Medicine standardizes Lightware Taurus UCX for unified connectivity on mobile professional AV carts.

Edinburgh Napier University Future-proofs Education with Taurus UCX Switchers

To make connectivity to these spaces easier, they are installing Lightware’s Taurus UCX switchers in more than 40 rooms across the campus.

Tilburg University's Successful Integration of Taurus UCX

The AV-IT engineers of Tilburg University wanted to have USB-C functionality as the core technology of their medium and large-size lecture halls.

Nationwide Health Insurance Provider Standardizes Taurus UCX

RoomReady selected Taurus UCX to provide simplified user experience with enhanced technology features across hundreds of meeting rooms nationwide.