MX2M 4K Hybrid Modular Matrix

is Lightware’s revolutionary solution allowing AV professionals across various environments to freely customize the device to make a perfect fit for their project’s requirements and budget.

Incredible flexibility is achieved through a set of various connectivity standards, resulting in an extremely versatile hybrid matrix.

MX2M Product Family


Hot-swappable input and output boards

Video, audio and control signals including HDMI, optical, DisplayPort, CATx, DANTE and analog audio

Video Cards with Four Ports

Video cards with four ports on each allow higher level of flexibility

Zero Frame Latency

MX2M provides signal management without any frame delay (end-to-end latency is less than 7,4 µs)

Power Redundancy

Up to two individual, hot-swappable PSU drawers, that could include internal PoE 48V remote power sources. This solution makes any external power source for PoE unnecessary, and additionaly, PoE remote powering is also redundant.

Multilayer Switching

Video Layer

24x24 crosspoint size with 18 Gbps Backplane for Full HDMI 2.0 compatibility supporting resolutions up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 as well as HDR and Dolby Vision

Multichannel Audio Layer

Supports Dante/AES67 audio standards as well as analog 8ch PCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTSHD formats versus the plain stereo capabilities of major competitors

Internal Ethernet Layer

Gigabit Ethernet network layer to allow all connected extenders to be reached over Ethernet (TCP/IP) without any additional equipment.

Integrate Dante and AES67 audio easily and intuitively

Complete support for Dante and AES67 audio standards through dedicated cards, allowing users to send 2x16 and also receive 2x16 mono audio channel. The following features are supported on each individual card:

  • Two different clock domains
  • Two different audio sample rates
  • Sample rate conversion
  • Assignment of each link to various standards (Dante/AES67)

These feature make the MX2M particularly suitable for applications in stage event and broadcasting environments.

I/O Boards and Accessories

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Join us to learn more about the MX2M, the newest member of our matrix switcher product line. This modular device opens up new levels of versatility by allowing users to build their own custom connectivity device via hot-swappable in and output boards, offering a wide range of connectivity standards.

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Control Everything – Safely and Securely

Controlling features and room applications, especially in a corporate environment is a great security concern.

The MX2M thrives when it comes to IT security, with comprehensive support of a wide range of standards from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to Active Directory integration and uses the widely implemented SSH encryption under HTTPS protocol.

Application Diagrams

Introducing the MX2M Product Family