The Lightware Training Center

The Lightware Training Center was created to serve as a home for a wide range of training sessions and learning materials on AV-related topics as well as on how to best utilize Lightware equipment in any application.

Our Trainings

Comprehensive training sessions, each giving an easily structured yet comprehensive, in-depth knowledge about a certain topic

Webinar Archive

A great selection of AV-related webinars, covering a wide range of topics from product demos to in-depth presentations about the latest technology trends

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It also offers insights and provide training about audiovisual systems integration and give visitors a comprehensive knowledge about the latest AV technologies.

Our dedicated AV expert engineers regularly deliver webinar sessions presenting the key features and aspects of our technology and also demonstrate them in action. We invite you to check out a great range of upcoming training sessions below and click on them to learn more about their contents, topics and schedule.