Guides and White Papers

Lightware Knowledge Base References

These downloadable documents are useful references to help you through certain installation and setup steps, and provide you with some useful information regarding various technical issues.
New documents will be continuously added to this section, so please check back periodically for additional guides and white papers.

File Name Document Type Description Date
Edid Editor Application Note The document is about the Easy EDID Creator wizard and the Advanced EDID Editor softwares built-in the Lightware Device Controller software. 2021-07-14
Basic Network Security Features in Taurus UCX Application note This document gives a summary about the security features of Taurus UCX switchers. 2021-07-08
Lightware's Rest API Environment Application note This is a brief overview about the Lightware's REST API feature in UCX series devices. 2021-07-08
Cable Wiring Guide Assembly Guide Wiring guide for Phoenix-type connectors, audio connectors and cables. 2018-08-13
Mounting Assembly Guide Assembly Guide A general guide of various options for mounting Lightware devices using the available accessories. 2018-08-13
Barco Encore Application Note Application Note This document helps users connect and setup a Lightware matrix to a Barco Encore Video Processor with a Controller. 2018-08-29
Long Reach Mode White Paper This is an informative technical description of Lightware’s Long Reach Mode in HDBaseT compatible TPS devices. 2017-10-18
MessageSending Application Note The controlling and messaging features provided by Lightware Protocol #3 (LW3) is introduced in this document. 2018-08-29
Event manager Application Note The Event Manager is a smart, built-in feature in many Lightware devices which reacts to internal status changes or user interactions without any external control system. 2017-09-05
Vista-Spyder Application note Application Note This document helps users connect and setup a Lightware matrix to a Vista Spyder processor. 2018-08-29
Using CEC in Lightware Devices Application Note This document gives an overview about the CEC support of the Lightware devices 2019-05-08