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At Lightware, we firmly believe that AV technology must support and encourage collaboration instead of causing unnecessary distraction.

Our solutions unlock ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ capabilities and room automation features for a more enhanced meeting experience.



Participants have limited time for meetings
Too many AV equipment to control
Various cables and connection types to share own content with the room
Health risks of physical interaction



Intuitive access and simplified controls
Easy connection of BYOD
Room Automation features
Touch-free solutions

The 90s are asking their whiteboards and tangled cables back. In the 21st century, meeting rooms are designed in the way to fully support collaboration and make every task a breeze, from sharing own content with the room to automatically controlling lights, displays and other room assets.

Today’s huddle spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment, multiple high-resolution displays, built-in room PCs and everything else needed for seamless collaboration, and Lightware offers the technology to help teams to share their content, control their environment and connect with each other easier than ever before.

The Rise of the Hybrid Workplace

Gone are the days of everyone needing to be physically present for a successful meeting. Effective and productive meetings can now be conducted between people on opposite sides of the planet as if they were sharing the same conference room.

Today's employees are more tech-savvy and flexible than ever before. The truth is, many employees are used to working on their own time, from anywhere. The time has never been better for collaborative spaces with integrated technology for hybrid in-office and work-from-home schedules.

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bring your own device meeting room

Many organizations have deployed simple conference rooms using the Bring Your Own Codec (BYOC) philosophy. In this implementation, rooms already have the necessary components – cameras, microphones, speakers and displays. The meeting attendee brings a device that runs the Unified Communications (UC) software and the video codec.

They connect the room device(s) and cable(s) to their device and run the meeting software. The room now becomes just a peripheral to the attendee’s device.


IT Security

Lightware devices adhere to the latest IT security protocols and also come with HDCP support for complete peace of mind


Intuitive controls

Meeting participants can fully utilize their room’s assets easily control them through user-friendly interfaces and room automatization


BYOD Capabilities

Users can use their own laptops or mobile devices to share their work with the room or initiate a video call on the platform of their choice

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It’s Time to Bring Simplicity into Cisco Rooms

For collaboration rooms powered by Cisco Webex Room Devices, Lightware offers dedicated bundles that unlocks to empower Cisco Roomkits.

Users can expand the number of inputs and outputs of a system; extend the connectivity over longer distances and natively control the entire solution via the Touch10 and Webex Room Navigator.

Lightware’s Camera Share bundles also allow users to utilize the high-quality rooms assets to use them for video calls over Zoom or MS Teams.

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Universal Solution by Taurus UCX

Lightware’s Taurus UCX is a universal switcher that offers the powerful combination of USB-C and HDMI connectivity in one single device to transform any meeting space or huddle room into a unified communication powerhouse.

This unique connectivity platform allows video, audio, control and Ethernet signals to be transferred via one single cable, and together with the autoswitching and intuitive room control capabilities the Taurus UCX will open up new possibilities in the world of collaboration.

Taurus TPX

Taurus TPX: For Medium and Large Meeting Rooms

As USB-C technology becomes the primary standard for meeting room connectivity, USB-C extension is the next challenge on the horizon. Lightware’s pioneering engineers recently developed a two-box, Taurus TPX (transmitter/receiver) variant of the widely popular Taurus UCX platform.

The transmitter and receiver are seamlessly connected using a single CAT cable, utilizing the SDVoE signal to establish a smooth transition between the two. Beyond bridging longer distances, our universal switcher transmitter transcends traditional limitations in signal management and connectivity.

Tested And Secured

Lightware products have a proven track record of seamlessly integrating with industry-leading 3rd party devices from network switchers to USB webcams, audio systems and other AV or IT infrastructures. We provide world-class support for system architects and assist them with thorough testing to ensure we deliver the solution that fits perfectly with their project's requirements.

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The two actual collaboration rooms at the Boeing Collaboration Center, inside the company’s new mid-Atlantic headquarters complex in Arlington VA, are sleek and to the point. Simple, no-nonsense conference tables focused on Cisco videoconferencing systems and 90-inch Sharp displays that were re-engineered by Display Werks to include a touch interface seem ready to get down to business. But to reach them requires taking a trip ... something the world’s largest airplane maker is especially good at.

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Captus Systems is a leading Audio-Visual Design & Integration Company, unique in its approach to AV - from an I.T. core.

In this MEET SAM overview, we cover how Captus Systems used Lightware to solve the problem that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had with their video meeting rooms.

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