Corporate AV Market Solutions

Collaboration, presentation and training rooms play a crucial role in corporate communication of today’s business world. Lightware has solutions for basically every signal management need in the corporate market. Intuitive user interfaces and front panel controls, plug and play operation, audio embedding and de-embedding: just a few features that make Lightware gear the optimal solution to equip any corporate collaboration space, no matter its size.


As a huge added value extra, Lightware TPS extenders, select matrix switchers and the modular MODEX optical extenders feature Event Manager, a free, built-in control feature which is easy to setup, modify and use. As Event Manager provides the necessary control in smaller configurations, there is no need to invest in a third party control system which is a substantial cost reduction and a great advantage.

CISCO Room Integration

Lightware also offers easy integration of extenders and matrix switchers into CISCO collaboration rooms, highly favoured by corporate system designers. Our open source software environment and built-in Event Manager control make it easy and budget friendly to add a Lightware device to the CISCO configuration and get multiport input and room control, fully controllable from the native Touch 10 panel of the CISCO kit. It is also easy to integrate Lightware devices into already existing third-party control systems. Select Lightware matrix switchers and ‘Plus’ category extenders are also available with an ‘Advanced Pack’ of features and hardware upgrade to further deepen and ease the integration process.

From Huddle Rooms to Corporate Campuses

Huddle Rooms usually have small budgets designated for its installation. Still, a relatively low budget solution can be to the point, like Lightware’s UMX-HDMI-140 switcher, which has multiport input for VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI and lots of features, like the built-in Event Manager control feature. No more wasting time preparing the room for a quick meeting: by simply plugging the cable of your laptop computer into the appropriate port of the switcher, users can start their presentation right away, as dimming lights, lowering screens or turning on or off several devices are all done automatically. Better yet, set up Event Manager and connect it with a motion sensor and the whole room prepares itself in seconds when you enter the room. Step in, plug in and start the session in an instant.

A Meeting Room requires a somewhat more sophisticated AV system. There is little time for preparing the AV gear and settings before meetings and meeting rooms are usually always busy. As the budget might not cover for the implementation of a control system, our built-in control solution, Event Manager can probably do all the work needed for that size of space as well. Meetings with more teams situated in separate meeting rooms are also easily achievable by installing a corporate AV network, even possibly using the already existing LAN network and employing HDBaseT extenders for high quality video conferencing at the lowest possible cost. MMX6x2-HT220 is a sophisticated matrix with six input and two output ports, supporting HDMI and HDBaseT. This omnipotent device is basically a matrix switcher, an audio de-embedder, an HDBaseT extender and a simple, but great mini control system (Event Manager) in one, with all the extra features you will probably ever need in a professional meeting room.

Conference Rooms serve the multitude of various presenters and media. Operation must be simple and smooth, so that operating the AV tech do not overshadow any sales presentation, get in the way of new ideas and collaboration. As presentations are shared from laptops, wireless devices, company servers, or portable media, the AV core of the system has to serve all those needs in one.

Enterprise AV is a network of AV distribution spanning over the whole corporate campus, to create a virtually infinite variety of configurations for presentations among colleagues at various locations throughout the spaces at the endpoints in the network. The installation needs to be flexible, easy to use for all, to accommodate just about any scenario, ranging from a simple single-room presentation to inter-department meetings among teams in separate buildings, and a company-wide presentation by the company CEO.
Lightware’s 25G Hybrid system or our Networked AV solutions are ideal engines for driving such a big and complex network, while the IT expertise need is really small after an assisted, engineer-on-spot installation. Such a system is open for further expansion and even for the inclusion of third party equipment, thanks to Lightware’s open, non-restrictive system environment.

Corporate Training Rooms are similar to other collaboaration spaces in that they also have to be easy to use and quick to start up. Trainers employ various content types in a variety of methods which the system has to accommodate. With Lightware’s DA2HDMI-4K-Plus-A distribution amplifier the content can appear on two displays simultaneously, even in 4K resolution and audio can be forwarded separately to an amplifier system so that everyone can hear sounds well. 

Corporate Applications:

  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Huddle Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Conference Room
  • Executive Conference Room
  • Training and Education Room

Case Studies:

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