Medical AV Market Solutions

The two most important features that really matters when it comes to health and medical AV systems are the lack of latency and crystal-clear, high resolution images.


For remote consultations, cooperative surgical video sessions and central control and monitoring in a medical environment, especially when it comes to the operating theatre, it can be literally the question of life and death the video signal to be fast and to contain the most visual information technology can provide.

To forward a real-time HD, or even 4K resolution video to view any source securely for remote surgical collaboration, the most obvious choice is fiber based video management system.

In systems like this there is a possibility to stream, record, and review live feed from the surgery, even connect a remote medical team for on-scene collaboration.

With the help of further signal distribution medical events can be streamed to viewers anywhere, anytime. Patients data can be forwarded from remote rooms to a central nurse station without degradation in quality resulting in loss of information, which best can be done by means of fiber optical video transmission.

Our uncompressed Video over IP product, UBEX, can forward a full color space 4K signal to large distances over fiber, while employing a standard Ethernet switch, any size of virtual crosspoint can be created with basically as many UBEX endpoints as the switch being used can handle. The OPTJ optical extenders are also found beneficial by Medical AV designers, as it is easy to find optimal placement and mount them with the hook-an-loop fasteners and using the exceptionally long port saver HDMI and USB cables. OPTJ extenders are HDMI 2.0 compatible and have a rugged, massive metal chassis, which withstands wear and tear and easy to keep clean and disinfected in a medical environment.

Medical applications:

  • Video Consultations
  • Control and Monitoring
  • Remote Surgical Applications
  • Training and Education Halls