Green Policy

Lightware is committed to managing all operations and services in an environmentally responsible manner and employ methods and policies to contribute to environmental sustainability.

We aim to prevent and minimize pollution from manufacturing, packaging and daily operation and constantly review our activities and set goals to minimize our impact on the environment. We pay attention to monitoring, evaluating and refining our energy consumption and waste management.

Employees are encouraged to minimize paper waste, if possible all administrative documents are emailed rather than printed & posted, incoming faxes are diverted to email while unavoidable paper waste is recycled. When it is absolutely necessary to print, we use recycled paper in the printers and copiers and print in economode to save ink and energy. Empty print cartridges and toners are collected, treated and when possible, recycled by a contracted service.

Our offices incorporate energy efficient lighting systems and our air-conditioning system is regularly maintained by professional technicians. When a lighting tube or bulb goes out, we always change it to a LED-based solution.

Where possible, outgoing deliveries are consolidated to save fuel. Packaging methods and materials are reviewed periodically, and when possible, exchanged for environmentally friendly alternatives. We exclusively use environment-friendly, biodegradable cleaning materials and detergents.

We introduced selective waste management to collect metal, paper and plastics for recycling. European Union (EU) regulations are designed to minimize the volume of electrical and electronic equipment waste disposal and current regulations require producers of electronic equipment to collect, reuse, recycle and appropriately treat such waste material for which Lightware employs a specialized subcontractor.

We participate regularly in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events and actions, besides ad hoc events, the Lightware team cleans a designated area in the city from trash on the annual ‘Clean-Up Day’, under the Let’s Clean Up Europe initiative.

We also pay attention to keep our own minds conditioned to ‘green mentality’ and placed posters and stickers everywhere in the Lightware office to remind everyone to think and act green whenever possible.

We encourage you to do the same at your own workplace and in your everydays.