Green Policy

Lightware’s commitment to environmental sustainability: Prevent and minimize pollution from manufacturing, packaging and daily operation

Sustaining Our Commitment to the Environment

Reduce carbon footprint on transportation by in-house design and manufacturing

Simple product and package designs to reduce use of chemical painting

Consciously reduced accessories for minimal amount of wiring

Minimal design
recycled paper packaging

Smart and effective
package layout

Outgoing deliveries are
consolidated to save fuel

Healthy and Sustainable Operation

Minimize paper waste


Digital documents and emails preferred over prints


Use recycled paper when printing is necessary

Energy efficient lighting


LED-based solutions for all new lights

Waste management


Collect metal, paper, and plastics selectively for recycling


Collect, reuse, recycle and appropriately treat electrical and electronic equipment waste

Eco cleaning materials


We exclusively use environment-friendly and biodegradable cleaning materials

Room Automation

Optimized costs and smaller environmental footprint by reducing control units

Enable users to optimize resources
(e.g. lights, heat)

Turn off equipment automatically

Built-in Room Automation Solutions

Lightware Advanced Room Automation

LARA’s vision is to provide a future-proof room automation platform for system integrators so they can seamlessly and effectively support people's virtual or in-person collaboration

Event Manager

The Event Manager is a smart, built-in, room control feature in the Lightware HDBaseT compatible TPS extender family. With this, you don’t have to deal with complicated controls, because the Event Manager gives you the exact amount of control you need


We encourage, support and provide conditions for everyone to think and act green whenever possible.

Home office for less commuting


2 home office days per week for those whose jobs allow it


We support employees in purchasing the necessary equipment

Choose ‘green’ options for transportation


Employees are encouraged to use public transportation, electric cars or bikes


Electric carsharing is part of employees’ salary package

Posters to remind people to be eco friendly


Use stairs instead of elevators


Shut down power at the end of the day


Use selective waste bins etc.

Making a Difference Through Business

We constantly review our activities and set goals to reduce our impact on the environment

We pay attention to monitoring, evaluating and refining our energy consumption and waste management

We participate regularly in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events and actions.

Besides ad hoc events, the Lightware team cleans a designated area of trash in the city on the annual ‘Clean‑Up Day’, under the Let’s Clean Up Europe initiative.

We are committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact asks companies to develop and implement their activities and strategies based on universally accepted principles of human rights, labor, environment protection, and anti-corruption, thereby contributing to the achievement of UN objectives. It is a fundamental expectation of companies to avoid human rights violations and to provide appropriate responses to any case associated with such breaches, whether it is a result of their own actions or their business connections. Lightware is committed to follow these principles and actively promote sustainable corporate practices. These principles are not just guidelines for us but they form the foundation of our business activities, influencing our decisions and actions every day.

The principles of the UN Global Compact are as follows:

Human Rights
  • Principle 1: Companies support and respect the protection of international human rights.
  • Principle 2: Companies make every effort to avoid any association with human rights violations.
  • Principle 3: Companies acknowledge the right to assemble and engage in collective conversations.
  • Principle 4: The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor.
  • Principle 5: The effective abolition of child labor.
  • Principle 6: The elimination of discrimination related to employment and occupation.
Environment Protection
  • Principle 7: Companies support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
  • Principle 8: Companies launch initiatives to promote wider environmental responsibility.
  • Principle 9: Companies back the development and widespread of eco-friendly technologies.
  • Principle 10: Companies work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.