TestingLab - Projector Testing

Instead of producing simple fail/pass results or trying to test every available professional device on the market, we believe in regulated, objective and thorough testing of main device series flagships of major audiovisual equipment manufacturers – who also perform tests and publish test results themselves. The results of the tests we perform are continuously uploaded and made available on our webpage.

Manufacturer Model Measurement Results
Barco N.V. CTWQ-51B
Christie Boxer 4k30
Christie  DHD55S-GS
Christie DHD951-Q
Christie DWU851-Q
Digital Projection E-Vision 6800 WUXGA
Epson EB-G6770WU
Panasonic PT-RZ470
Panasonic PT-W431D
Panasonic TH-47LF60W
Panasonic TH-55LF6W

Lightware guarantees that all TPS capable Lightware products are compatible with the tested third party equipment. Please note, that the exact device model numbers and the device firmware versions used during testing are included in the test result sheets and the actual test results must be evaluated considering these set preconditions: even identical products with different firmware numbers may have different test results.