USB-C Connectivity: An Overview

Thinking back to your experience with technology over the years, you probably immediately remember the annoyance of many different ports, cables, and probably the fact that you could never match the right cable with the right port on the first try.

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What is an HDMI Distribution Amplifier?

You likely know HDMI has become the new standard in signal format for high-definition video. Thanks to HDMI technology, we now have greater options for regulating, modifying, and boosting signals.

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Enhance Cisco Webex Collaboration with Lightware

The emphasis on hybrid and remote work has created a new era of workplace technology. The modern workplace has transitioned into a space focused on collaboration and innovation. . It’s critical to have the technological infrastructure to enable these goals.

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Happy Holidays from Lightware

Before we all leave for our well-deserved Christmas breaks and wave farewell to 2021, we wanted to let you know about a few important dates and operation updates to ensure we avoid any disappointment before the holiday season starts.

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Hybrid education: is it here to stay?

When it comes to dealing with the effects of the pandemic in higher education, there have been no hard and fast rules. Different organisations have responded to the crisis in different ways according to their needs, and we are still seeing that now.

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