World's Biggest Matrix Switcher Portfolio

The MX2 standalone matrix switcher family is Lightware’s widely acclaimed, most versatile product line offering uncompromising 4K60 signal management through HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity.

These feature-rich devices can be deployed for a wide range of applications and operation environments, making them a favorite choice for AV industry professionals around the world.









The MX2 matrix switchers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 4x4 to a whopping 48x48 crosspoint size and also in dedicated variants to ensure they can fit any specific AV system requirement and budget.

4K60 Video Signals over HDMI 2.0 & DisplayPort

Zero Latency For Critical Operations

High bitrate Audio Support including Dolby Atmos, TrueHD, DTS-HD



Largest Portfolio of Standalone Matrix Switchers

Full End-to-End DisplayPort Variants - Only from Lightware

Wide Selection of Crosspoint Sizes and Variants

netrik-ethercon Neutrik-Powercon d-sub-rs-232

Neutrik Ethercon

Neutrik Powercon True1

D-Sub RS-232

We offer MX2 variants with particular focus on rental applications. These editions are built to provide a more robust solution and come with two independent power sources with separate mains connectors to offer power redundancy.

The power connector, the RS-232 and Ethernet connectors are all reinforced, rugged types, especially fitting rental and staging purposes, where wear and tear effects are more regular in everyday use.

Unparalleled Versatility

The extensive selection of available variants, compatibility and connectivity features make the MX2 matrix switchers a perfect fit for any AV operation, whether it is a corporate meeting room, auditorium, live event or even a state-of-the-art XR video screen application in a high-end production.

rental-staging Rental & Staging
corporate Corporate
entertainment Entertainment
medical Medical
education Education
digital_signage Digital Signage
defense_and_intelligence Defense & Intelligence

XR Screens

The production industry has been shaken to its core recently by the arrival of XR Screen technology. These highly sophisticated and freely customizable video wall solutions are just as revolutionary as the green screen was at its time, but as technology advances, green screens will gradually become the solutions of yesterday and give way for next generation technology, such as XR Screens.

However, such complex yet revolutionary solutions like the XR Screens call for a robust and reliable AV infrastructure to do the heavy lifting of video signal management, and this is exactly where our MX2 matrix switchers thrive, offering uncompromising 4K60, zero latency video transfer over HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 connections at large-scale cross-point layout.


Meeting room

Collaboration, presentation and meeting rooms play a crucial role in corporate communication of today’s business world. The AV technology in these environments is expected to invisibly serve the needs of meeting participants without the smallest amount of distraction.

Lightware’s MX2 matrix switchers are already serving as the heart of AV systems in thousands of meeting rooms all around the globe. Their rich and intuitive features, such as easy-to-understand user interfaces and front panel controls, plug and play operation, audio embedding and de-embedding made these devices the number one choice for meeting room installations

Live Events

Staged events and live shows are among the most technologically demanding operations, as they require uncompromising signal quality, zero latency, high levels of versatility combined with robustness and redundant functionality.


MX2 & MX2M in Action

Check out the great benefits and ultimate versatility offered by Lightware's widely acclaimed MX2 & MX2M matrix switchers, offering uncompromising 4K60 video signal management.

In this short yet insightful video, we walk you through the key features and also go into detail about the most widely used functions and connectivity possibilities, 3rd party device compatibility, and many more.


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Proprietary MX2 Technologies


No Signal Latency

Lightware matrix switchers and standalone extenders do not add any frame or line-period delay to the video signal, switching happens instantaneously, making these devices particularly suitable for operations where even the slightest latency is unacceptable.


Frame Detector & Input Signal Analysis

This unique Lightware technology determines the exact video format sent by the source to identify any issues while displaying signal properties such as timing, frequencies, scan mode, HDCP encryption, colour range and space, and audio sample rate.


Advanced EDID Management

This proprietary Lightware technology can store more than 100 user EDID files and has a large set of factory preloaded EDID versions including all standard resolutions. HDMI EDIDs with various audio channels and codecs are also supported.

Find the Right Matrix for Your Needs

We offer the widest selection of crosspoint sizes


Does your project require even more flexibility and versatility?

Check out the modular version of the MX2M that allows users to freely mix and match various input and output boards to get the right selection of connectivity standards.


Why Choose Lightware

High-Fidelity Signal Management
High-Fidelity Signal Management

We offer uncompromising solutions in video, audio and control signal management

Pioneering Approach
Pioneering Approach

We set industry trends and build first-of-their-kind devices

World-class Support
World-class Support

Our dedicated support teams are always ready to go the extra mile

Unparalleled Versatility
Unparalleled Versatility

Our devices and solutions are designed to fit any application or project

Experience You Can Trust
Experience You Can Trust

We design and deliver AV solution for 25 years

Global Presence
Global Presence

Our devices serve AV applications in more than 16 countries across 4 continents