Expand, Extend, Share and Control in a Simple and Consistent Way

Coming back to the office or operating in a hybrid working system, collaborating teams might wish to connect more presentation sources to their Webex Room Devices as well as use their own laptops to host meetings in Cisco-powered rooms.

They also want to use various videoconferencing platforms, such as Zoom or MS Teams or control their meeting environment, but previously, cumbersome 3rd party methods just further complicated things instead of simplifying them.

See It in Action

Watch our insightful short video about the advantages and features offered by Lightware’s Camera Share bundle that allows users to utilize their Cisco Webex Room Devices as independent USB assets.

cisco integration lightware solution

Using the Power of Webex Room Devices and Lightware Together, Users Can:

Take control of their environment
Access new sources
Control meeting room assets such as lights and projector screens
Share and utilize their Room Kit as an USB camera

all directly from the Touch 10 or Room Navigator panel

Lightware’s Technology Changes This by Adding Simple, Consistent Controls to the Touch 10 and Room Navigator Panels

Open API

This is made possible through the seamless integration of Lightware's Open API that allows users to access everything directly from their Touch 10 / Room Navigator without the need of additional panels. You can learn more about how Lightware Open API works from our downloadable whitepaper.

With Lightware, users can expand the number of inputs and outputs of a system: extend the connectivity over longer distances, and empower the user to natively control the entire solution via the Touch10 and Webex Room Navigator.

touch-10 animation
We have deployed Webex video codecs at all our locations. Video communications are crucial to our business. Lightware allowed us to make use of these rooms in simple, repeatable way.
I highly recommend Lightware. They are intuitive, simple, easy to deploy…we could not find a use case that Lightware couldn’t solve.

- Ben Craig, CTO Northrim Bank

northrim bank

Cisco Room Configuration Wizard

Lightware has developed an easy-to-use, intuitive tool to help users get their system up and running as quickly as possible that can be found under the ‘Support/Cisco Room Configuration Wizard’ on the website.



  1. Find your Cisco Room Kit type from the list
  2. Select the Lightware device to integrate


  1. Select, add or rename room devices and endpoints
  2. Adjust additional room control elements


  1. Check the generated system schematic and download or print the configuration file
  2. Configure the system by uploading the configuration file to the Lightware device

You can now use the Cisco system with your custom room control as new input buttons are now appearing on your Touch 10 / Room Navigator.



Access additional HDMI sources and control them directly with your Touch 10 / Navigator.



Extend high resolution video signals to distances beyond the standard reach of HDMI cables.


Camera Share

Utilize the room’s USB webcam and other USB assets for enhanced collaboration.


Divisible Rooms

Divide or merge meeting spaces and control the sources and displays across both rooms.

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