Government - Security, Defense, Command and Control AV Market Solutions

Lightware understands and have substantial experience about the unique and specialized needs of government and military agencies and the importance of secure, unidirectional data flow among separated networks in a facility with various security levels.


The secure, data diode class versions of our products are trusted and has been proven in mission critical applications.

Governments require technology that is reliable, secure and uncompromising in delivering quality according to specifications.

From a HQ conference room to a briefing auditorium Lightware has the right solution for military applications.

Our AV equipment can also be used to enhance citizen service and improve employee collaboration across your department or agency. We always provide the best, to-the-point solution, and help implementation, maintenance and use of technology with our industry leader support services.

A reliable AV system makes information instantly visible for responsible leaders and the decisions based on the visual information have crucial effects: flaw in picture quality or a break in operation can not be tolerated. Lightware provides the highest signal fidelity, combined with the unparalleled versatility of multilayer switching, extreme redundancy and hot swappable interface cards in the 25G Hybrid modular matrix system. Our MX modular matrix range is well known for its durability and reliability in the defense industry, as it is already serving in numerous military installations in challenging conditions.

Government applications:

  • Command and Control
  • Defense
  • Court Rooms
  • City Hall
  • Community Centers
  • Police Headquarters
  • Security Surveillance Installations

Case Studies:

  Complex Conferencing at the Hungarian Parliament
  The Police HQ Operations Center in Prague