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Lightware UBEX-PRO20-HDMI-F120

UBEX is an unrivaled AV-over-IP device that delivers pixel-accurate 4K60 video in real-time, from live events to E-sports to XR applications with Dolby Atmos capabilities for the ultimate immersive experience.

Uncompressed Signals

Pixel Accurate Delivery

UBEX is capable to manage uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 signals for the ultimate visual experiences.

Ultra-low Latency

Real-Time Experience

A 0.01 ms latency that is undetectable for the human eye guarantees lag-free extension.

Versatile Hardware

3in1 - Freedom in System Design

UBEX can replace 3 devices by essentially being a receiver, a transmitter and a transceiver in one box.

Quick Failover

The Show Must Go on

Wide range of redundancy features ensure complete peace of mind during critical operations.

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UBEX brings a vast difference into AV operations through a powerful combination of capabilities unmatched by any other device on the market.

The Best of Both Worlds

No More Confusion – Just Confidence

If needed, we can assist you from the very first step of project design to delivering a complete package so you can rest assured that the system won’t let you down and you can meet deadlines.

Fully Configured System, Tested and Delivered

We include network switchers, SFP modules, optical cables and UBEX endpoints in the package

Bring Your System to the Next Level with UBEX

UBEX was designed to do not limit system designers and integrators to certain IT components, instead, being readily available to be used on industry-accepted IT infrastructures.

In previous projects, UBEX was successfully integrated with a wide range of existing equipment, including

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Customize Your Own
Video Wall

Handles up to 8x4 (column x row) display devices
More different layouts for the same video wall
Create zones within the video wall
Works in both receiver and transceiver operation modes as well
Interactive GUI in the LDC software for the easier handling
Easily applicable display bezel and gap correction
UBEX Video Wall Application
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In the world of premium entertainment, whether it is movies, games or live events, Dolby Atmos is synonymous with unparalleled quality and crystal-clear audio.

Lightware's UBEX comes with Dolby Atmos support to make sure the same uncompromising quality is matched for audio signals for the ultimate live event experience.

Our Product Range

F series

4K UHD @ 60Hz 4:4:4 uncompressed AV over IP via 20 Gbps on two (or four) fibers; dual channel 4K transmitter, receiver or transceiver with scaling and multi stream, audio embedder and de-embedder function, RS-232 interface, Infrared interface.

lightware ubex series f

R series

4K UHD @ 60Hz 4:4:4 uncompressed AV over IP via 20 Gbps designed for rental and professional users; dual channel 4K transmitter, receiver or transceiver with scaling and multi stream, including two 10G SFP+ multimode fiber modules with two Neutrik OpticalCON DUO connectors and EtherCON control port.

lightware ubex series r
lightware ubex mmu unit

UBEX Matrix Management Unit

Matrix Management Unit (MMU) for the UBEX AV over IP optical system, dynamic virtual matrix, video wall application, signal bandwidth management,centralized firmware upgrade for the endpoint devices, built-in web page.

Key Features

Operates over 10G Ethernet networks with 2x10G links

Can fit into systems with legacy components

Great compatibility with off-the-shelf networking equipment

End-to-end redundancy and double scaling

Uncompressed signals up to 4K60 4:4:4

Save rack space and streamline operations

Works great with off-the-shelf hardware

Ultra-low latency

Instant discovery

Devices are automatically discovered on the fly almost instantaneously.

Boot time (18.4sec).

It can take 2-3 minutes for the competition. Long boot time results in high maintenance cost and low trust from the management.

Front Panel Display

Helps to identify problematic units without the need of connecting control laptop via Ethernet. The front panel control can be disabled.

Low noise

Noise is barely audible even with hearing aid set to maximum sensitivity.

Solid and firm

Solid and firm hardware design. Packed into a relatively low weight housing.

Seamless switching

Switch between video sources in less than a second.

Easy to get into

The programming interface is easy to get into. The entire network setup can be made in less than a day.

Manufactured in Europe. Green transportation, availability of the developers.

Flexibility With Modules

UBEX devices come with a wide range of connectivity features for enhanced functionality, redundancy and safety, from user-exchangeble SFP modules to Neutrik connectors.

sfp connector
bidi sfp module
Neutrik OpticalCON DUO
Neutrik Ethernet Connector
Neutrik EtherCON
Neutrik powercon
Neutrik Powercon True1
Neutrik quad
Neutrik OpticalCON QUAD

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