New Taurus UCX Firmware 1.4 is Available

We are delighted to announce the recent release of the newest Taurus firmware (version 1.4) that is fully packed with enhancements to allow users bringing out the most of their Taurus devices. After updating the firmware using the Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2), users can unlock the following improvements:

Basic CEC

The purpose of CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is that users can control sink devices (e.g. displays, projectors etc) on various end-points through HDMI connectivity. This new feature in the firmware upgrade will make it possible for the UCX devices to send basic CEC commands through their HDMI outputs; switch devices on/off, control volume or even switching between input ports.

The key advantage is that it is no longer needed to use serial ports to control end-point devices It gives the users and the integrators easier controls and also requires fewer cables and less configuration.

Built-in web LDC

Up until now, UCX products could only be configured through LDC (Lightware Device Controller). Thanks to this improvement, the device can now be configured through a web browser that users can access via a PC, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone.

The key advantage is that users can access the same settings they got familiar with through LDC, through any browser, over the network, without downloading any software.