UBEX Firmware Update v1.5

We are dedicated to never stop fine-tuning and polishing the solutions offered by our devices and to exploit their full potential, and the recent release of the Ubex Firmware update is the next step in bringing this uniquely versatile 10G AV-over-IP system to new heights.

What’s new under the hood?

Beyond the diligent improvement in the overall performance of UBEX’s firmware, that includes the elimination of known bugs and reduction of response times, our software engineers have also focused on adding new features and possibilities in line with the feedback we received.

Enhanced Features in Receiver (RX) Mode

The HDMI inputs of the device can be utilized in Receiver mode as local HDMI sources and incoming signals can be switched to the local HDMI outputs.

In scenarios where the receiver gets dual stream users can choose to mirror one of these signals to both output links, and this feature is also available in Transceiver (TRX) mode.

Bringing Seamless Switching to the Next Level

We also introduce features in the device’s HDCP and Color Range handling that are aimed to ensure or maintain seamless switching in scenarios where background processes would unnecessarily prevent that.

In order to best support seamless switching, we introduce a feature on the outputs that allows forced application of HDCP 2.2 Type-1 setting to avoid any unnecessary delay that would otherwise result from the display’s attempt to re-authenticate the signal. This is only possible when the device is connected to displays that support this feature, and in such cases seamless switching remains fully preserved.

Dark Mode & LCD Panel Features

The new update equips the UBEX devices with a so-called ‘Dark Mode’ feature, that is also widely known, tried and tested in other Lightware product lines.

Via ‘Dark Mode’, all illuminating elements of the device’s front panel can be switched on and off. This feature is particularly useful in live-stage shows or other environments where flashing LEDs would be distracting or undesired.

Front panel setting are now directly and remotely accessible from the Lightware Device Controller, also allowing operators to lock the LCD panel to avoid unexpected or unauthorized access to it.

Home Screen & Frame Freeze

Furthermore, a re-designed Home Screen has been implemented that gives users a brief overlook of local video port statuses when the device gets switched on, as well as upon restart or termination of a link.

Also, upon the termination of a link or loss of signal, instead of automatically displaying the previously used ‘NoSyncScreen’ message, the last received frame will freeze and remain on screen until further actions.

This function is also accessible manually should the user or operator prefer to freeze a given frame, simply by pressing one button.

Similarly, the added feature that offers users to manually set between full and limited color ranges on the output side ensures that there is no delay in switching. This feature also allows operators to configure the UBEX device to best fit the color range standard (full or limited) used by the source.

Changes and Enhancements in Matrix Management Units

All the above features are supported in matrix mode, and as a significant improvement, a System Monitor is introduced in UBEX-MMU-X200 to allow users checking back on Link Status and Health Status. 

Make all of the above benefits of the new UBEX Firmware v1.5 yours today by simply downloading it from the below link.

"IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please note that in order to ensure the highest level of compatibility across multiple devices it is important to perform the firmware update on every device of the system. This can easily be done through the MMU using the Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2) software. For further assistance on firmware updates please read: