Taurus UCX Firmware Update with Ethernet Security Features

Our developers work around the clock to ensure our technologies and devices are being constantly enhanced and improved to allow our user to bring out the most of their Lightware products.

We are delighted to inform you that following the recent release of the latest Taurus UCX firmware (v1.2.0) meetings and collaborations are now more secure than ever before thanks to a range of security features, focusing on:

Disable Unsecured Ethernet Ports and Network Services

Ethernet connections and network services can be limited by enabling/disabling the TCP ports depending on the actual system configuration.

HTTPS & WSS Encryption

Requests and responses can be transferred via HTTPS (port no. 443). HTTPS protocol encrypts clear text, so it becomes incomprehensible for a third-party.

Basic Network Authentication

In order to limit the user access for the HTTP/HTTPS server services, username and password request can be set.

We encourage you to update your Taurus UCX devices today to take advantage of the above features right away.

You can get this done quickly and easily by using our Lightware Device Updater 2 application.

You can learn more about these features through a relevant whitepaper using the following link:

Head to our download center and get your necessary update files there.

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The Taurus UCX product family is Lightware’s ground-breaking innovation offered for this increasingly growing demand for cutting-edge solutions in the world of Unified Communications.