The New VINX Firmware 2.0 Update is Now Available

Our system developers are always determined to bring the most out of our devices and to unlock the full potential of the technologies used in Lightware devices, and the new 2.0 firmware version for our VINX 1G AV-over-IP devices is a clear proof of this dedication

Lightning Fast Switching is The New Reality

One of the key improvements achieved in the VINX product line is a remarkable boost in the devices’ switching times. Compared to the previously experienced switching intervals, the new firmware update allows to switch signals in less than a second, thus significantly improving user experience.

Beyond this key enhancement the new firmware version also fine tunes some of the existing features offered by the VINX series. These include the increased possibilities in IP configuration as well as the introduction of a software-based hot plug detection feature.

Unchanged Versatility All Across the VINX range

The new firmware 2.0 version doesn’t compromise on any of the existing great features of the VINX series and it is compatible with all members of the VINX product family.

These features include silent, fan-less cooling for noise-free operation, Video Wall processingSmart Bandwidth Management as well as crosspoint view that allows easy configuration either by using the Lightware Device Controller (LDC) software or via the built-in website for remote IP control whilst the device can also be powered remotely via any PoE standards.

VINX with Dante Audio/AES67 Support

The recently released, VINX-120AP-HDMI-ENC-DNT enhanced with the Dante/AES67 audio capability creates a powerful combination above features and unparalleled audio connectivity, and also greatly benefits from the improvements introduced by the freshest firmware update.

Update Today and Enjoy the Benefits

Make all the benefits of the new VINX firmware 2.0 yours today by simply following the instructions through the link below

"IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please note that in order to ensure the highest level of compatibility across multiple devices it is important to perform the firmware update on every device of the system. This can easily be done via the Lightware Device Updater (LDU) software. For further assistance on firmware updates please read: