Rack mountable power supply for Lightware interfaces

Power supply is the heart of all electrical devices, the core of any secure and reliable system.

Highlighted features

  • Available with 5V or 12V DC power outputs
  • Available with 10x or 20x DC output connectors
  • Built-in universal power supply
  • Directly mountable in 19" rack

These products have redesigned 2019 hardware featuring the same technical specifications as the previous models. Power supply is the heart of all electrical devices, the core of any secure and reliable system. Lightware provides four types of multiple output power supplies.

All of them accept 115‑230V AC, 47‑63Hz housed in a 1U metal rack enclosure for durability and easier mounting. 5V and 12V DC output versions are available with either 10 or 20 separate output connectors, each version is cooled by two fans integrated on the left side of the housing.

These PSUs are designed to power 10 to 20 Lightware products: TP, TPS and OPT extenders, distribution amplifiers and the EDID Manager V4 with 100.000 hours MTBF value. Several protections are built‑in against short circuit, overload, over‑voltage, and overheating to enhance reliability.

Available models

  • PSU2x10-200-12V (for Lightware 12 Volt interfaces, 200 Watt, 10x12V output) Part No:9134 0024
  • PSU2x10-200-5V (for Lightware 5 Volt interfaces, 200 Watt, 10x5V output) Part No: 9134 0023
  • PSU2x20-400-12V (for Lightware 12 Volt interfaces, 400 Watt, 20x12V output) Part No: 9134 0022
  • PSU2x20-400-5V (for Lightware 5 Volt interfaces, 400 Watt, 20x5V output) Part No: 9134 0021
AC power input connector: IEC C14
5V DC power output connectors 2.5/5.5 mm locking DC connector
12V DC power output connectors 2.1/5.5 mm locking DC connector

Models PSU2x10-200-5V PSU2x20-400-5V PSU2x10-200-12V PSU2x20-400-12V
DC output number 10 20 10 20
Nominal power 200 W 400 W 200 W 400 W
DC output voltage 5V 12V
Rated current per output port 2.5A 1.1A
Max. input AC current 2.2A/115 V AC 1.2A/230 V AC
MTBF (min.) 108.4 Khrs
Cooling fan number 2
Cooling fan size 40 x 40 x 20 mm
Input voltage range 90 ~ 264 V AC
Input frequency range 47 ~ 63 Hz
Operating temperature 0 ~ +55 °C
Rack height 1U
Enclosure metal
Dimensions 446(482) W x 182 D x 43.9 H mm
Weight 2.87 kg 3.43 kg 2.87 kg 3.43 kg
Compliance CE
Warranty 3 years

Optional accessories
Product name Description PSU models
  PSU2x10-200-5V PSU2x10-200-12V PSU2x20-400-5V PSU2x20-400-12V
CAB-12V-U16U 12V 160cm power cable with red end 2.1/5.5 mm DC Power Plug
CAB-5V-U16U 5V 160cm power cable with 2.5/5.5 mm DC Power Plug
CAB-5V-U16S 5V 160cm power cable with 1.35/3.5 mm DC Power Plug
CAB-5V-U16M 5V 160cm power cable with USB Micro-B Plug
Quick Start Guide Language File format Size Date  
PSU2x series QSG English pdf 829 KB 2019-03-19 Download
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PSU2x20-400-12V - Front Axonometric View English jpeg 80 KB 2019-07-03 Download
PSU2x20-400-12V - Back Axonometric View English jpeg 84 KB 2019-07-03 Download
PSU2x20-400-12V - Front View English jpeg 73 KB 2019-07-03 Download
PSU2x20-400-12V - Back VIew English jpeg 79 KB 2019-07-03 Download
CE Language File format Size Date  
CE_PSU2x_series English pdf 41 KB 2019-03-19 Download