Lightware industrial market


Heavy Duty AV Solutions from Lightware

Industrial AV systems are some of the harshest, most demanding and challenging environments that call for AV technologies that can withstand the everyday challenges.



Challenging environment and conditions
Large number of sources and displays
Long distance between end-points
No room for errors or signal losses



Robust and durable devices
Wide range of extenders for various connectivity
Versatile devices with seamless integration
Enhanced redundancy features

Lightware’s devices deliver uncompromising signal management solutions for an industry where no two applications are the same. From oil rigs to floating platforms to manufacturing, Lightware has a solution for every industrial application, no matter big or small.

Lightware brings reliability and durability for industrial AV applications with a range of devices and technologies that proved themselves on the field numerous times, often operating 24/7 under challenging conditions without major failures.

Serious players in the industrial sector rely on Lightware equipment for decades for their reliability and versatility, built-in rental-specific features combined with one of the best support services in the AV industry.

Control Room
Easy installation

Lightware devices offer easy and quick installation and configuration with secure and safe operation during any operation show, while also seamlessly integrate with existing AV and/or IT infrastrucutres.


Robust Build Quality

Devices built to deliver and extend signals even at the harshest and most challenging environments and applications



A proven track record of reliability makes Lightware’s devices particularly suitable for challenging environments and extended operation times.


Easy Troubleshooting

Integrators and system technicians can easily access and monitor systems status in real-time with Lightware’s advanced diagnostics and analytics tools.

HDMI-3D-OPT-TX210AS extends HDMI 1.4 signals over one multimode fiber and transmit video signal with embedded audio to a distance of up to 2500 meters, and features a built-in data diode that ensure maximum data security by only allowing information to flow in one direction.

This makes the device particularly suitable for applications in the industrial field, or where different security levels across various networks require such measures.

Oil rigs

Oil rigs





Meeting spaces

Meeting spaces

Logistics centers

Logistics centers

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