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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is Everywhere.

Digital billboards and information displays became an important part of everyday life, from airports to cinemas, visibly yet invisibly supporting us in our daily tasks, while Lightware’s devices invisibly power these crucial yet often overlooked AV applications.



Large number of sources and displays
Long distance between end-points
AV systems with various complexity
Existing IT infrastructure



Scalable and flexible solutions
Wide range of extenders for various connectivity
Versatile devices with easy configuration
Easy integration with 3rd party devices

Lightware offers unrivaled ease and simplicity for integrators and technicians to intuitively install and configure the AV systems behind their digital signage operations, also providing the tools for easy troubleshooting through various signal analytics and diagnostic tools.

Digital Signage is everywhere. From airports to cinemas, from retails shops to digital art exhibitions, the use of high-resolution displays as a platform of sharing content and information is developing rapidly, and so does the AV integration behind them.

Lightware is in the forefronts of this development and innovation, offering reliable and versatile solutions and devices that help AV system designers and integrators to easily build complex digital signage networks.

lightware digital signage market
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Whether it is a restaurant menu that has to be displayed on dozens of screens at the same time or a large video wall design at a digital exhibition hall, Lightware devices are the driving force behind countless digital signage operations around the world.

Digital advertisement boards and signages are often required to operate in 24/7, meaning that they require reliable AV solutions to power them. Lightware's devices have a proven track record of seamless operation for extended periods without malfunction.


IT Security

Lightware devices adhere to the latest IT security protocols and also come with HDCP support for complete peace of mind.



A proven track record of reliability makes Lightware’s devices particularly suitable for challenging environments and extended operation times.


Easy Troubleshooting

Integrators and system technicians can easily access and monitor systems status in real-time with Lightware’s advanced diagnostics and analytics tools.

Real-Time Signal Status and System Information

The information shared on digital signage applications can be crucial, for example, displaying emergency routes of a venue or important travel updates at an airport.

One of the features that separates Lightware’s technology from the crowd is the strong emphasis of providing AV professionals with the tools such as the Open API or the Cable Diagnostics that allow users to monitor their system in real-time, and immediately see if there is a faulty display or a signal loss.

Lightware’s widely renowned MX2 standalone matrix switchers come in an unparalleled range of sizes and connectivity standards including HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort and also packed with useful features such as advanced audio capabilities.

With crosspoint sizes varying from small, 4x4 compact boxes all the way to a large 48x48 matrices, AV system designers of digital signage applications can easily find the right device for their needs.

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Digital Billboards

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Victoria’s Secret Stores, Russia


Auvix scooped the 2019 InAVation Award for Retail with its project across two Victoria’s Secret boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Womenswear brand Victoria’s Secret recently drafted Russian integrator Auvix to overhaul display systems and audio at its flagship boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Lightware Equipment UsedMX-FR33R & extenders

Lavazza Nuvola Corporate
Campus Italy


The name of Lavazza’s new headquarters is Nuvola, the Italian word for “cloud”. It occupies several buildings in Turin’s city centre, all designed to integrate technology and culture. The new Lavazza head office is integrated with industrial buildings of historical interest: there are event spaces, conference rooms, restaurants, a design school, and an interactive museum to celebrate the brand’s history.