Trigger button panel with 6 push buttons for Event Manager through GPIO.

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TBP6 Button Panel was designed to be used with the Event Manager built-in control feature in select Lightware matrix switcher and extender products.
The button panel can be installed in meeting rooms to perform basic system control actions like input selection, switching the system on/off, increasing or lowering the volume, etc.
This product has a status LED and a backlight, which are fed from the 7th pin of the GPIO connector. The backlight can be switched off, or its intensity can be set to two levels with the help of traditional jumper switches.


  • 6x button panel to trigger events in Event Manager control configurations
  • 8-pole Phoenix connector (7x GPIO + GND)
  • Mountable to wall
  • Status LED and backlight fed from 7th pin on GPIO
  • Available in black and white color
Connector:  1x 8-pole Phoenix for GPIO (7x GPIO, 1x GND)
Buttons 6x push buttons with customizable labels
Power source  Power feed from 7th pin on 8-pole Phoenix
Weight  100 g
Dimensions  80 mm x 80 mm x 20,8 mm
Compliance:  CE
Warranty:  3 years
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