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At classrooms, teachers and students are building the future.
At Lightware, we help building the classrooms of the future.

Lightware offers intuitive and automated room control solutions for educational institutions that allow teachers to access and control their classroom’s AV equipment to seamlessly engage with their students.



Teachers have limited time for each class
Too many AV equipment to control
Various cables and connection types
Health risks of physical interaction



Intuitive access and simplified controls
Easy connection of BYOD
Room Automation features
Touch-free solutions

We firmly believe that AV technology should support the learning process instead of causing unnecessary distraction, and we tirelessly develop solutions to tackle the unique challenges that teachers and students face in any classroom.

Bulky chalkboards are things of the past, and the same should apply to tangled cables and unresponsive classroom AV equipment that just ‘doesn’t wanna work’ when needed, causing distraction and taking up valuable time from teachers and students.

Today’s classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment; multiple high-resolution displays, built-in room PCs and everything else needed for seamless tuition, and Lightware offers the technology to help future generations connecting and collaborating more easily than ever before.

lightware education market equipment
lightware education market bring your own device

Imagine an education environment where teachers can prepare the room for their next class remotely using their own mobile device, and by the time they get there everything from lights to displays are up and running.

Once in the room, they can then simply connect their own laptop to gain complete control over the room’s integrated AV system and start sharing their content right away or alternatively, easily access any individual student’s screen and assist them thanks to Lightware AV-over-IP solutions.


IT Security

Lightware devices adhere to the latest IT security protocols and also come with HDCP support for complete peace of mind


Intuitive controls

Meeting participants can fully utilize their room’s assets easily control them through user-friendly interfaces and room automatization


BYOD Capabilities

Users can use their own laptops or mobile devices to share their work with the room or initiate a video call on the platform of their choice

Classrooms and workshops

Teachers and lecturers can easily share their content with every student’s display in the room or can see the content of any particular student on their presenter device.

Presenters can take over the auditorium’s audio system by utilizing the sophisticated audio capabilities and Dante Audio support of VINX, through one single HDMI cable.

Lightware VINX auditorium
Taurus UCX-4x2-HC30D


Educational establishments are finding increasing uses for AV connectivity too.

London Business School has leveraged the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capability inherent in Lightware’s Taurus UCX unified communications platform to set up genuinely plug and play breakout rooms in the campus for both students and faculty.

The Taurus UCX leverages the ability to combine video, USB, audio, control and Ethernet signals into one single USB-C cable, which coupled with the unit’s auto switching and advanced room control capabilities provides fast and intuitive set up with no downtime.

Lightware Auditorium solutions


Lightware University research labs

University research labs

Lightware Campuses solutions


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Wimpole Lecture Theatre


1 WIMPOLE STREET is a prestigious central London address - so much so that it is used as the name of the events business of the building’s owner and occupier, the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).
The building holds 400 academic meetings per year in its two large lecture theatres, but there remains enough spare capacity for these rooms, along with other meeting spaces, to be hired out to external clients.

Lightware Equipment UsedMX-FR33R modular matrix

Why Do You Need Multimedia in the Classroom?


Our new digital age has transformed people’s perception, especially of young people, who are primarily subjects of education, as everyone has become more ready to perceive visual information, instead of written content. If you want to implant information into people’s brains, it is essential today to use dominantly visual tools paired with good quality audio