AVX (non-switchable) HDMI 2.0 extender

Highlighted features

  • Supports HDMI 4K signal formats (4K UHD @60Hz RGB 4:4:4, up to 18 Gbps)
  • Bi-directional PoC remote powering
  • Extends HDMI 2.0, audio, Ethernet, RS-232 up to 100m over one CATx cable
  • HDR and Low Latency Dolby Vision support

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TPX - The Next Generation of Point-to-point Extenders

Lightware’s new, SDVoE-based TPX devices are the next generation point-to-point extenders that allow HDMI 2.0 signal management over a single CATx cable with HDCP 2.3 and Dolby Vision support.

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The HDMI-TPX-TX106 and HDMI-TPX-RX106 extenders with AVX technology are Lightware’s newest development and a natural progression from the widely popular HDMI-TPS-TX/RX96 series, allowing users to extend HDMI 2.0 signals up to 4K60 4:4:4 video resolution through a single CATx cable over distances up to 100 meters.

Beyond the benefits of sending high-resolution video over long distances, the extenders are also capable to handle various connectivity standards, including bi-directional RS-232, command injection over IR (output only) as well as sending and receiving PoC remote powering.

HDCP 2.3 and basic EDID management functionality are also among the features offered by these devices, such as their connectivity and easy integration into a wide range of AV operations and with 3rd party devices, such as the Christie Terra projector.

Resolution Up to UHD/4k@60Hz 4:4:4
Signal Type HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.x, DVI
Maximum data rate 18 Gbps
Maximum pixel clock 600 MHz
Content protections HDCP 1.x, HDCP 2.3
Connector type 1x HDMI receptacle type A with screw locking option
Standards HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, DVI
Control & User Data 1x 1000Base-T via RJ-45
Connector type 1x 3Pol Phoenix
Symbol rate between 4800 and 115200 baud
Default configuration 9600 BAUD, 8N1
Connector type 3.5mm connector (1/8’’ mini-jack) (output only!)
Powering External 16W (12V, 2A) or PoC remote power receiving
    and PoC remote power sending
Power consumption (max)   16W
Thermal dissipation (max)   54.6 BTU/h
Weight   476 g (1.05 lbs)
Operating conditions Ambient temperature 0-50°C
Relative humidity 0-90% (non-condensing)
Transportation conditions Ambient temperature  -20-70°C
Relative humidity 0-95% (non-condensing)
Compliance   CE, UKCA
Warranty   3 years


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