Lightware Testing Lab

Lightware Compatibility, Quality and Performance Tests

All Lightware devices are designed and manufactured maintaining relevant industrial patents, standards and regulations. Testing and evaluation of our products are also performed according to the commonly accepted standards.

We are also well aware of the importance and the need of testing third party equipment compatibility with Lightware products, so our testing lab also performs audiovisual performance verification tests, with special attention to HDBaseT compatible devices: projectors, high definition displays, select media players and others.

The signal forwarding capability of CAT cables, influenced especially by their shielding, greatly contributes to preserving the original signal quality and reduce degradation.

Assuring Compliant Operation

It is virtually impossible to test the compatibility of every consumer product, and it is not easy to find the optimal scale of testing. We believe that Lightware is designed to the highest standards, but verification testing is still very important to our consultant and system integrator partners, and basically anyone who intends to purchase an HDBaseT compatible Lightware TPS product.