Room Automation Panel

The Room Automation Panel (RAP) is Lightware's independent room control interface for small to medium-sized huddle rooms and meeting spaces, allowing an easy and intuitive way to control applications from lights to displays to signal switching, all performed automatically based on a predefined set of condition/action pairs.

CISCO compatible

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The Room Automation Panel (RAP) was developed to provide Lightware’s own, independent room control interface for small to medium-sized huddle rooms and meeting spaces.

Operators can build systems without the need of third party control, based on purely Lightware technology and on our open API, saving investment and maintenance costs, without compromising on system reliability.


Built-in Event Manager room control application

Real time clock with network time protocol for scheduling

11 backlit, programmable buttons
with 96 stickers for individual function labeling;
and a Rotary knob with a circular line of LED feedback lights

2x Ethernet connectivity with either receiving or sending of PoE remote power

3x GPIO for occupancy sensor, motorized screen or shades control

1x RS-232 for peripheral device control

Event Manager is a smart, built-in feature in selected extenders, matrix routers and of course, in the freshly released RAP. It was developed to handle both simple and complex tasks, like controlling display sinks, rolling shutter, air conditioning system or lights. It utilizes all available control signal channels including RS-232, IR, GPIO and Ethernet.

As a built-in feature in a Lightware device, Event Manager performs actions as a response to a predefined condition. For instance, if an HDMI cable is getting plugged into an Event Manager enhanced switch, it would respond to this predefined condition by performing a predefined action (or a series of actions) like turning the lights off, turning the display on and setting the volume. There are a great number of definable conditions and actions in Event Manager.

Conditions Actions
Video Input signal detection/Change Video crosspoint switching
Audio Input signal detection/Change (digital only) Audio crosspoint switching
GPIO state changes Send RS-232 Message
Optical/TPS connection link status Send TCP/UDP messages to predefined destinations
Display Connection status Set/reset/toggle GPIO pin
IR command

The range of conditions/reactions can be set within the Event Manager, and changing between these predefined condition/action pairs is done quickly and easily by pressing a single button on the front panel.

The release of RAP brings two groundbreaking, significant possibilities:

  • It provides of Event Manager where the installed devices in an application do not include it by default.
  • It also represents an independent device with built-in Event Manager room control, where connected system elements and programmed room scenarios can also be triggered by direct manual commands

The Event Manager within RAP has 300 programmable events, a lot more than in a regular Event Manager-enhanced device, and also a real time clock for automated scheduling of actions.

Conditions Actions
Button pressed Button LED status change
Rotary turn or press Send RS-232 Message
Real-time clock Send TCP/UDP messages to predefined destinations
Detected IR command Set/reset/toggle GPIO pin
Detected RS-232 command
GPIO state changes

Choose an Application Example

Button Process Scheduling Occupancy Sensor
Source Switching Display / Projector On / Off Lamp On / Off Volume

Colors and Dimensions

RAP-B511 is available in numerous colors and dimensions in order to fit every room design. Click here to see available size and color variants.

Button Operation Modes and Light Feedbacks

The programmable buttons on RAP doesn't only assume various direct Event Manager commands and batch sequences - like managing crosspoint switch, display or system on/off or lights and shade control - but can do so by working according to the actual functions as momentary, toggle or radio buttons.

In momentary button mode  the button either operates as long as it is pressed (like rolling down a motorized shade as long as it is pushed), OR by a single press it can be issue a command or start a command sequence.
In toggle mode the buttons work as a two-position button, e.g. one push switches the lights on, while pressing on the same button again the lights are turned off.
In radio button mode two or more buttons are linked logically and only one can be active at a time. A typical example is a crosspoint switch configuration.

The buttons are backlit, and their light effects are also programmable to provide feedback on their current status, e.g. a button light can be off when the room lights are off, and can be lit bright when the related lights in the room are turned on. The button background lights can perform the following light patterns:

DARK (OFF) dimmed light Bright Light
blinking slow blinking fast pulsating

All the Control You Need

RAP can provide you with the necessary control and prepare your room for any desired scenario. It can be programmed to perform actions automatically at a scheduled time, in response to predefined changes like a movement detected by a sensor, or by receiving a direct manual command of a button press or a turn on the knob. It is easy to install, easy to integrate with third party systems, and if you have Lightware gear inside the room without Event Manager, then installing a RAP panel is the most convenient way to add automation to the system.

Part Number Product Name Type Color
91330012 RAP-B511-EU-K European 2x60 Black
91330013 RAP-B511-EU-W European 2x60 White
91330014 RAP-B511-EU-S European 2x60 Brushed Steel
91330015 RAP-B511-UK-K English double Black
91330016 RAP-B511-UK-W English double White
91330017 RAP-B511-UK-S English double Brushed Steel
91330018 RAP-B511-US-K USA 2gang Black
91330019 RAP-B511-US-W USA 2gang White
91330020 RAP-B511-US-S USA 2gang Brushed Steel

Type Dimension
European 2x60 152 W x 82 H mm
English double 140 W x 80 H mm
USA 2gang 115,9 W x 115,9 H mm
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