Lightware Device Updater (LDU)


Firmware Updater Application for Lightware Devices for Windows and macOS

Lightware Device Updater (LDU) is a user-friendly firmware updater software for Lightware devices, available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Highlighted features

  • Quick and easy, automated install on Windows and macOS
  • Intuitive, user-friendly UI
  • Automated application upgrades upon release of new software versions
  • Remote update of connected devices via OPTS/OPTM or TPS (HDBaseTTM) connections
  • Unchanged device settings upon firmware update
  • Easy access to new firmware packages via Lightware official websites or from our support team

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Running the most recent version of firmware on Lightware products is crucial to fully utilize the functions and capabilities of the device.

In order to make the update process as easy as possible, our developers designed Lightware Device Updater (LDU), a firmware updater application that allows users to seamlessly perform this action.

Following a quick and easy installation, users only need to connect their device and let the software perform the rest of the process automatically. The firmware file for the update may be required to be downloaded separately.

New versions of firmware packages are released frequently and can be easily downloaded from or from, or alternatively, obtained directly from the Lightware support team.

Upon the release of a new software version, the application automatically updates itself, providing that the computer on which it has been installed has internet access. Additionally, when performing a firmware update the application keeps the existing device settings unchanged.

The Lightware Device Updater (LDU) is the software's first edition that supports and is compatible with earlier Lightware devices. We recommend to always check the user manual of a particular device to determine whether it is compatible with this version or if you should use the second edition instead, the Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2).

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows XP SP2 or macOS X 10.6
CPU Single core 2.0 GHz
RAM 512 MB
HDD 400 MB free space
Display resolution 1366x768
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