Behind The Scenes Of USB

USB is around for decades, and it takes only a quick glance on current industry trends to confirm that it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, USB is gaining an increasingly part in various AV operations, notably in meeting spaces and collaboration applications.

We believe that those who deeply understand this technology are in the best position to utilize it in their projects and create a convenient and future-proof AV environment for their goals.

Exactly that’s why we have spent months with intensive research to create the most comprehensive and complete education content currently available out there about USB technology.

In this edition of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series that revolves around everything USB we will discuss every aspect of this connectivity standard, including its origins, types, main applications, as well as its limitation.

With this presentation we also intend to cut through the fog and address general misconceptions about various USB standards, speeds and ports, and put things straight in order to provide participants with valuable, ‘ready-to-use’ knowledge about USB.

We are confident to say that once you watched this Webinar and successfully completed the relevant quizzes, you will be the ‘go-to expert’ in your team with any USB related questions.

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Main Topics

  • USB technology basics: standards, connector types, speeds and cross-compatibility
  • Types of devices using USB connectivity
  • AV-related USB classes (e.g HID, UVC)
  • Transferring video and audio signals over USB
  • The benefits of USB-C and a detailed assessment its capabilities
  • Technology background of remote powering via USB-C
  • Components of a UC meeting room
  • Most popular USB-C laptops and devices of 2020 and their connectivity
  • DisplayPort Alt Mode, Multistream and Displaylink over USB-C
  • Thunderbolt vs USB-C – How they relate to each other
  • Everything about USB-C cables – Inside and out
  • USB cables by brand – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Common USB cameras, hubs and adapters
  • Host switching, BYOD and network capabilities of USB-capable

Sample Slides