USB-C – The Future of Meeting Rooms – Webinar Series

We would like to invite you to join to our upcoming 3-part Webinar Series revolving around the role of USB-C in the meeting rooms and collaboration spaces of the future.

During these insightful presentations, our experts will walk you through about virtually every aspect of integrating USB-C technology into AV projects, addressing its key advantages as well as the common challenges users might experience in today’s fast-changing collaboration environments.

Introducing Lightware’s Full Feature USB-C Cables
for Taurus UCX

We are delighted to offer a range of USB-C cables - available in 1, 2, 3 m versions - that stood our diligent tests and can deliver the full-range of features offered by Lightware’s devices, such as the Taurus UCX.

displayport alternate mode

Up to 4K60 (4-Lane DP)

usb 2.0

Mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, speakerphone and webcam

usb 3.x

4K webcam, SSD storage

powerdelivery support

Fast charging of laptops, tablets and phones


Convenient to use and to install

Learn more about the details and benefits of Lightware’s Full Feature USB-C cable range.

We have divided this complex topic into three easy-to-digest, one-hour-long episodes, each covering USB-C technology from a different angle.

webinar 1

Episode 1

Will USB-C Replace Traditional AV in Meeting Rooms?

Is the question that the first episode is destined to answer. Today's meeting room designers are facing a tough challenge; using Hard Codecs or the room PC to make a call and managing only the laptops' HDMI signals is not enough anymore.

Meeting room users expect to be able to use their own laptops to run a video conference of their own choice, such as Webex, Zoom or MS Teams, and they also expect to utilize the room's display, high quality webcam, speakers and microphones.

In this opening episode, we’ll explain how all of this is now easily possible with USB-C technology and with Lightware’s dedicated devices.

Episode 2

Finding the Right USB-C Cable is Easy. Except...

Except that since not every USB-C cable is created equal, unsuspecting users might experience unnecessary problems if they choose the ‘wrong’ USB-C cable for their needs. Avoiding this is the key focus for Episode 2 of the series.

In Episode 2, we not only explain this meeting room specific 5-star criteria in detail, but we also highlight the differences between standardized USB-C cable types.

webinar 1 webinar 1

Episode 3

Taurus UCX, Lightware’s USB-C Powerhouse

In the final part of the series, we introduce the Taurus UCX Lightware’s universal device to bridge the gap between ProAV and USB technology. A solution that:

  • Accomodates USB-C devices and traditional PC-type sources
  • Manages up to four 4K60 video signals with embedded audio through USB-C and HDMI 2.0
  • Handles SuperSpeed USB data of webcams, keyboard and mouse
  • Provides wired Ethernet connection via USB-C
  • Charges laptops via USB-C
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