Remote Powering Simplified – The New HDMI-TPS-TX226

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new Lightware HDMI-TPS-TX226 extender, destined to enhance the remote powering capabilities of the Lightware TPS product line. The device is a natural progression from the widely popular HDMI-TPS-TX220 extender, simplifying system design, installation and operation for any AV project by eliminating the need for external ‘power injectors’.

Traditionally, only one end of an extender pair can receive remote power from the external source, (most often provided by a matrix) while the other end requires an additional device called a ‘power injector’.

The new HDMI-TPS-TX226 bridges this gap by allowing proprietary 12V remote powering directly between the extender pairs with a maximum distance of 30 meters, making additional power units unnecessary, therefore saving users significant time and investment.

Application Example

Additional Advantages

In comparison with the HDMI-TPS-TX96, the new HDMI-TPS-TX226 also offers a local HDMI output port, analog audio input, a wide range of control ports such as GPIO and RS-232, as well as EDID Management and automated room control capabilities through Lightware’s Event Manager.


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