Powering High-Resolution Video in Immersive Environments

Emerging technologies that combine reality with virtual environments are making a remarkable breakthrough across many applications.

Extended Reality, or XR, is the term used to describe this blend of technologies. It is one of the most exciting developments in film, television and real-world applications where virtual and real worlds combine around the talent.

World-renowned musicians, such as Katy Perry, Billie Eilish and Blink 182, and special events, including MTV Video Music Awards, America’s Got Talent and Game of Thrones, have used XR technology. Lightware is at the forefront of powering these immersive XR experiences for many of the world’s most popular video and music productions.

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Learn More About The Unrivalled Features of UBEX

Lightware’s UBEX AV-over-IP system is an unrivalled solution

It offers latency-free, uncompressed signal management, making a perfect fit for these immersive experiences. It’s easily scalable, extremely versatile and reliable. If a server or a link fails, production can send commands directly to Lightware’s technology to modify outputs and ensure there’s not a loss in content. It enables video producers to have a constant content stream to the destination.

Uncompressed Signals

Pixel Accurate Delivery

UBEX is capable to manage uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 signals for the ultimate visual experiences.

Ultra-low Latency

Real-Time Experience

A 0.01 ms latency that is undetectable for the human eye guarantees lag-free extension.

Versatile Hardware

3in1 - Freedom in System Design

UBEX can replace 3 devices by essentially being a receiver, a transmitter and a transceiver in one box.

Quick Failover

The Show Must Go on

Wide range of redundancy features ensure complete peace of mind during critical operations.

Lightware is proud to invisibly support a global network of talented artists and technologists who come together to create some of the most spectacular shows around the world, but their technology has been a trusted solution for powering sensitive operations for decades.

Since 1998, Lightware has been developing matrix switchers, signal extenders and accessories for the professional AV market. Lightware technology features built-in sophisticated software and hardware features that make their solutions the most reliable and flexible integrated solution.

Our technology has been integrated in the Center of Federal Treasury of Russia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Lavazza Nuvola Corporate Campus Italy and many other high-profile environments.

Today, Lightware has not just become a trusted resource for many of the world’s leading event production companies, but their technology has become a trusted solution by AV professionals for applications in practically every industry segment.

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