OPTJ PowerTray Mounting Accessories Shipping

To help the placement and management of HDMI20-OPTJ-TX/RX90 devices, we have designed the OPTJ PowerTray, which is a 1RU size housing and mounting accessory to enclose up to 16 units, also providing power for every installed device.

Based upon the type and number of optical connectors installed on the three, currently available models, the optical fibers of the OPTJ extenders are connected to the four Neutrik OpticalCON Quad or SC connectors, each carrying four signal fibers from four of the extenders. There is also a Neutrik OpticalCON Duo product version available, with two fibers connected to each of the four connectors, but while the SC and the Quad versions can house up to 16 devices, this version can accommodate maximum 8 extenders.

The PowerTray has standard C14 power inlet with short circuit and overload protections, TX and RX units can mix in any combination in the tray. Passive cooling provides noiseless operation, and the status LED lights of the units are mirrored to the front panel of the power tray. There is also an additional status LED for 5V DC power feedback and in case a USB port fails the rest of the units keep on working.

All three versions of the OPTJ PowerTray are already shipping.

Please inquire at your Lightware sales contact for more details and availability.