New Firmware (V1.1) for the MMX Series

The already released, new, V1.1 firmware for the 8x4 and 8x8 MMX series matrix switchers adds bug fixes and new features to the already existing set, including:

  • Support for CEC communication
  • A complex setting scheme can be saved as ’scenes’ and the settings for a port channel can be saved as ’presets’. Both saved scenes and presets can be loaded and enabled.
  • Factory settings for various microphone types can be loaded in the 8x4 devices, which have dedicated active microphone ports.
  • Infra command codes downloaded from the Internet can be inserted and used as Event Manager events.
  • Unique setting features added to enhance device compatibility with Cisco collaboration rooms
  • To reduce idle feedback time, the ongoing Valens-related update process now has a visible feedback on the display.

Forget your worries and update your Lightware routers, even on Fridays!