Lightware Summit 2019

Please join us for a Lightware Technology Summit. Come and see how Cisco, LG & Lightware products are working together at a new level of integration.

The event will feature a hands-on demonstration of how to create a collaboration room using the online Lightware configuration tool. Presenters will include engineers from LG and Lightware.

Lightware, Cisco and LG for The Collaboration Environment
January 22nd NYC & January 24th Las Vegas, NV

API Level Integration

Cisco products bring intelligent video conferencing to every meeting. Recently, LG announced a collaboration with Cisco for user-friendly systems and automatic integration: LG professional displays automatically adapt to Cisco Room Kits. The Cisco API based Touch 10 interface allows adding custom graphics, buttons, sliders, widgets and control. Lightware broadens the Cisco/LG environment by adding signal management and environmental control.

Lightware can expand the capabilities and extend the functionality of Cisco rooms based on Lightware’s open API. Users can select additional sources from the Touch 10 interface, provided by the connected multiport Lightware devices. Lightware devices have built-in room control which can eliminate the need for third party control systems. With the easily adaptable open source Lightware API, firmware dependencies are no longer a problem.

Lightware devices also have built-in analytics and diagnostics tools for ease of installation and operation. A convenient online tool has been developed by Lightware for creating configuration files. The tool allows the easy addition of custom buttons, actions and updates to the system.

Register for Free

Both events are free and open to attend, but advance registration is required. John Fisher, Senior Engineer for LG, will be at the NYC event for a special presentation. Brad Spurgeon, Technical Director NA, will also be presenting in NY and Las Vegas.

Venues and dates:

New York City

Tuesday, January 22nd,

Convene, 151 West 42nd Street,
Fourth Floor
New York, NY
10036, USA 

Las Vegas

Thursday, January 24th,

Coherent Design, 3471 W
Oquendo Road, Suite 201
Las Vegas, NV
89118 USA 

Please complete this registration form to apply to participate: