Light Odyssey at Blackpool's Lightpool Festival

Conceived by Alex Rinsler, Director of Lightpool Festival, Light Odyssey was a technical and creative collaboration between QED Productions, the BBC Philharmonic, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and an incredibly talented team of digital artists, to mark the official launch of Blackpool’s Lightpool Festival 2018.

Music that changed the world when it was written was experienced in an entirely new light by the sell-out audience in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens on the evening of October 18th. The spectacular 90-minute show of the breathtaking projected animations and live performance by the BBC Philharmonic was also recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3.



Rental & Staging Rental & Staging

Although the projection spectacular required extraordinary creative and technical vision it was only made possible by utilising the very latest in media server and high brightness laser projection technology. The projectors had to be positioned anywhere and everywhere throughout the ballroom, even amongst the audience seating and the orchestra. In the end it required 24 projectors to cover everything, comprising of sixteen Panasonic RZ31K and eight RZ21K laser projectors. The 30,000 lumen RZ31Ks covered the largest areas of the ceilings and facades, with the 20,000 lumen RZ21Ks filling in smaller areas.

The chandeliers precluded any cross-projection onto the end walls, so two pairs of blended RZ21Ks with ultra short throw 0.36:1 mirror lenses were deployed on the upper balconies in order to gain the required coverage.

Lightware Equipment Used in Project