Lightware @ InfoComm US
AV-Over-IP Systems

InfoComm USA 2018 is almost here and Lightware will exhibit all the new, popular and upcoming products and solutions, and present live demonstrations. In the coming weeks we are going to highlight what to expect when you visit us and the team in booth N1336 in Las Vegas.

Streaming the Future: AV-Over-IP Systems

While most manufacturers either offer AV-Over-IP solutions for 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps networks, Lightware development team tried to satisfy the needs for both when designing VINX, a versatile, easy to use encoder/decoder pair to work standalone or in a 1 Gbps Ethernet network, and also UBEX, the high-end, uncompressed AV-Over-IP system using 10+ Gbps fiber optical networks.

VINX is probably the industry’s most flexible and cost effective AV-Over-IP solution using 1Gbps network infrastructure and especially recommended for applications where scalability, flexibility and rapid deployment are in focus.

VINX can be expanded from a simple point-to-point application to unlimited endpoints for the ultimate in virtual matrix switching, digital signage and signal extensionFullHD Video, Audio, Control, USB Mass Storage and USB KVM signals are all accommodated, and the built-in web makes configuring easy.

The same built-in web and its Video Wall Wizard help configuring a video wall easier and faster than ever, with automated scaling, cropping, gap and bezel compensation.

UBEX is a fiber-optical, high-end AV-Over-IP system, which delivers 4K/UHD@60 Hz, 4:4:4, also supporting HDR formats over long distances ranging between 400 m and 80 km depending on the SFP+ modules used, which are field-exchangeable.

Signals travel with no compression, or a very low, user-adjustable compression to offer less latency than any other IP based solution on the market. UBEX can truly deliver the promise of ‘anything anywhere’ over the network with Full 4K resolution and pixel-perfect image quality.

The complex UBEX design also includes USB KVM and audio embeddingservices, special models will also comply with secure, strictly unidirectional data diode mode. The UBEX devices can work in transmitter, receiver and also transceiver modes, the latter being capable of receiving and transmitting 4K UHD signals simultaneously.

The three operation modes can simply be selected at device startup. By using a properly installed, standard Ethernet switch as a crosspoint, a practically infinitely scalable virtual matrix network can be assembled using UBEX units, which makes the need for a traditional, central matrix switcher obsolete.