Lightware @ InfoComm US
New Matrix Switchers

We are bringing the new MMX and MX2 matrix switchers to the InfoComm USA event in Las Vegas.

New MX2 and MMX Series Matrix Switchers

InfoComm USA 2018 is almost here and Lightware will exhibit all the new, popular and upcoming products and solutions, and present live demonstrations. In the coming weeks we are going to highlight what to expect when you visit our booth N1336 and meet the team in Las Vegas.

The HDMI 2.0 compatible MX2-8x8-HDMI20-Audio matrix switcher reached the market a year ago, being popular ever since with its unmatched services including Full 4K/UHD@60Hz 4:4:4 resolution, signal splitting and downscaling, HDR 10, HDR 12 and Dolby Vision support.

Soon, 16x16 and 24x24 crosspoint versions will join the MX2 lineup, with optional audio embedding and de-embedding capabilities in the case of MX2-16x16-HDMI20-Audio and MX2-24x24-HDMI20-Audio.

The models without the audio add-on, MX2-16x16-HDMI20 and MX2-24x24-HDMI20 are designed for the Rental and Staging segment, featuring front panel crosspoint selection buttons, while the easy-to-read color display paired with a jog dial button on the front panel is shared by all models. As Lightware products in general these matrix switchers are easy to use and install, they easily integrate into applications with third party products, and control is provided by the built-in web and dedicated control ports to reach endpoints.

The three new members of the MMX series matrix switchers are already available on the market. Out of the three available models of this series, the MMX8x8-HDMI-4K-A features 8x8 HDMI I/O ports, front panel crosspoint selector buttons and analog audio ports, while the IR, RS-232 and Ethernet ports serve the built-in Event Manager room control feature to offer a powerful combo serving most collaboration rooms perfectly, while it can also be a trustworthy companion for supporting live events in the Rental and Staging segment.

The other two models in the lineup, MMX8x4-HT420M and MMX8x4-HT400MChave 8x4 HDMI crosspoints with even more options for embedding and de-embedding audio with the help of the user-selectable bi-directional analog audio ports. The devices have TPS (HDBaseT) ports, and the feature rich MMX8x4-HT420M also has 48V PoE remote powering services. There is an ample number of IR, RS-232, Relay and GPIO ports to serve all the needs of the built-in Event Manager room control, and also to provide channels to send control commands to remote ends.

What makes these matrix switchers even more unique is the enhanced audio features, including a dedicated active microphone input also delivering phantom power to the connected mic. The voice-activated talkover feature automatically puts the presenter’s voice in focus, while the built-in DSP and mixer help optimizing the sound output to the actual needs of a presentation, including options to adjust fading, equalization, balance and gain, and also to mute the sound if required.