Broadway’s Beetlejuice the Musical

Since April 2019, the audience of Broadway has been carried away by everyone’s favorite spooky character Betleguise (Beetlejuice), in a spectacular musical based on the 1988 classic movie of the same name.



Rental & Staging  Rental & Staging

While the ghostly adventures unfold on stage, a sophisticated AV system runs the show behind the scenes to ensure the audience relives the most memorable moments of the story like it was magic.

This powerful yet ’invisible’ performance is delivered by a carefully selected range of AV equipment, handpicked by industry veteran Peter Nigrini and included Lightware’s MX-FR33R matrix router at its heart.

Our MX-FR33R matrix router played a major role in the show by seamlessly switching signals between a high number of projectors (including a moving one), utilizing them as part of the lighting design in an unusual setup to create a genuinely unearthly atmosphere on stage.

Beetlejuice The Musical is a prime example of exploiting the opportunities offered by our devices at live stage shows by allowing showrunners and system designers to use the technology offered by Lightware as a way to enhance and support their creativity.

Lightware Equipment Used: