Room Automation Panel is Now Available

We are proud to announce the release of our latest development, the RAP-B511, the wall panel interface for room control.

The Room Automation Panel (RAP) is designed to provide the necessary control for a collaboration room application. With our very own Event Manager room control application inside, RAP can provide the necessary room automation where the installed devices do not have Event Manager, or when an application requires physical representation of a control scheme for direct manual interactions.

There are programmable buttons and a jog dial knob with LED feedbacks. Buttons can be programmed to trigger a series of control actions to achieve a ’room scene’, a complex configuration state including the state of of light, automated room elements like shades and screens and sound volume, which can further be adjusted with the help of the dial knob.

RAP also has 300 memory slots for programmable Event Manager actions and also features a real time clock to schedule preprogrammed events.

Examples for complex programmable scenes:

  • Switch among individual displays and complex video wall configurations
  • Turn on the display, set the volume, start the media player
  • Start the PC, start the projector, lower the screen canvas
  • Pull the shades, dim the lights, turn on the display

With the inclusion of RAP, a complex application can be built based on solely Lightware devices, without the use of third party control solutions, which saves time, investment and long time maintenance costs. Event Manager being an open source, easily adjustable tool, it can also allow easy integration of possible third party elements, and therefore makes system changes and modifications also rather easy.

And lest we forget: RAP-B511 also looks pretty cool, available in numerous standard sizes with black, white or stainless steel front.

Please contact our sales or support team for more information and visit the dedicated product page.