There is a really wide scale of opportunities where AV distribution is fundamental in large industrial complexes.


Real-time operating centers, control rooms, simulation and training facilities, tele-presence and video conferencing centers, and last but not least security and surveillance are all obvious examples where quality video signals are almost mandatory in everyday operation.

Secure, high performance video distribution networks together with a central collaboration centers can greatly help in handling a number of situations.

Fiber systems provide high performance signal extension to send high-resolution video and audio signals up to 80 km away with no latency retaining the original video quality

Physical separation of users from PCs, servers and similar delicate data storages can greatly reduce the risks of a possible security breach.

Redundancy is crucial with systems running 24/7. Lightware has redundancy solutions not only providing double or triple power sources, but options to connect to multiple power lines and even redundant CPU units.

Lightware has solutions which are flexible and scalable to adapt to growth, new users and/or additional data sources, and when it comes to adding third party elements to the network, Lightware has an open system easy to get in sync with the products of other manufacturers.

Latency-free video transmission and color accuracy can be crucial in certain industrial processes and also simulations: the car industry can hugely benefit from the color accuracy provided by the HDMI 2.0 compatible MX2 matrix series with 4K @ 60 Hz resolution and full, 4:4:4 color space.

Our industry leading support services and even on-scene installation engineers will help in achieving all that and never leave a possible problem unresolved. 

Case Studies:

  Viju Upgrades Oil and Gas Onshore Operations Center with Lightware 25G Router