The Lightware Advantage for Collaboration Space Installers

Lightware products have great advantages for installers, helping the process of installation and operation as well.
There are three main feature areas which make Lightware products the best choice for system integrators, consultants and end-users: analytics, diagnostics and the open API.


Lightware products have a built-in video frame rate analyzer, a tool none of our competitors have. Users can receive constant feedback about the exact pixel count and clock frequency as well.


The cable diagnostics tool can show the exact transmission error rate between transmitter and receiver.

Open API

Every bit of data in Lightware systems is openly available for higher level management and monitoring systems.

Unique Lightware Features

When in a project hundreds of huddle rooms are installed at the same time, the system has to be easy to use, easy to manage and easy to deploy. Lightware provides all three.

Our multiport extenders not only provide ample ports for connecting several devices, but also a native DisplayPort port for input, which is not offered by most manufacturers. Most Lightware TPS (HDBaseT) extenders support 4K signal extension for 100 m distance, which is also rather unique. The extension distance for FullHD resolution is 170 m, a substantially bigger distance than what other makers are able to offer.

The features are available and can be adjusted via the freely downloadable Lightware Device Controller (LDC) software. Within its TPS link screen users can learn about the CATx cable link between the transmitter and the receiver, this is where the frame detector is also available.

Frame Detector

Frame detector provides information about the full and the actual frame’s pixel count and frequencies and also about the measured pixel clock.

Cable diagnostics tool gives immediate feedback about any problem occurring in the physical layer manifested by the CATx cable.

As the error rate data is logged continuously, there is also a log view screen available.

There is also a built-in test pattern generator offering most types of test patterns for various fine-tuning purposes at commissioning systems.

Lightware TPS devices and select other products including matrix switchers have a built-in control processor featuring IR, TCP/IP, RS-232 and GPIO ports, no third party control solution needs to be purchased. Lightware’s built-in control solution feature is called the Event Manager, it is also available via the LDC. This tool can perform various actions as a response to predefined conditions using the control ports.