At meeting rooms, teams collaborate to build their business’ future.

At Lightware, we help building the meeting rooms of the future.

At Lightware, we firmly believe that AV technology must support and encourage collaboration instead of causing unnecessary distraction. We work around the clock to design and build the devices and technologies that can make meetings a far better experience for all participants.

We also deeply understand that in the requirements of the corporate world the old saying hence our devices are not only exceptional value for investment, but also offer easy, intuitive and automated room control solutions and a plethora of feature specifically designed for corporate applications.


Participants have limited time for meetings
Too many AV equipment to control
Various cables and connection types to share own content with the room
Health risks of physical interaction



Intuitive access and simplified controls
Easy connection of BYOD
Room Automation features
Touch-free solutions

The 90s are asking their whiteboards and tangled cables back. In the 21st century, meeting rooms are designed in the way to fully support collaboration and make every task a breeze, from sharing own content with the room to automatically controlling lights, displays and other room assets.

Today’s huddle spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment, multiple high-resolution displays, built-in room PCs and everything else needed for seamless collaboration, and Lightware offers the technology to help teams to share their content, control their environment and connect with each other easier than ever before.

Lighware is also an Official Technology Partner of Cisco Webex Devices, and our products allow users to expand and enhanced the possibilities offerd by their Cisco room kits.

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Lightware also offers easy integration of extenders and matrix switchers into CISCO collaboration rooms, highly favoured by corporate system designers. Our open source software environment and built-in Event Manager control make it easy and budget friendly to add a Lightware device to the CISCO configuration and get multiport input and room control, fully controllable from the native Touch 10 panel of the CISCO kit.

It is also easy to integrate Lightware devices into already existing third-party control systems. Select Lightware matrix switchers and ‘Plus’ category extenders are also available with an ‘Advanced Pack’ of features and hardware upgrade to further deepen and ease the integration process.


The Level of Reliability and Versatility

We understand that BYOD plays a crucial role in collaboration environments, therefore we design and build our devices to ensure that the most common connection types, such as HDMI, DisplayPort and even USB-C are fully supported and utilized.

Whether it is a large, multinational business with hundreds of rooms or a small operation with one main meeting space, we have the right type of solution and device to fit any corporate application.


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We envisaged and created the technology that allows meeting participants to prepare the room for their next gathering remotely using their own mobile device, so by the time they get there everything from lights to displays are up and running. They can then simply connect their own laptop to gain complete control over the room’s integrated AV system and start sharing their content right away.


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This ease and simplicity is exactly what Lightware devices offer for corporations of all size and industry, through automated room control features and remote access capabilities, along with the highest level of compatibility and reliability.


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Lightware’s devices can seamlessly handle and switch 4K60 video signals across a large number of displays, handle video conference platforms, host-switch across USB periferals and offer easy integration with audio systems.

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