The two most important features that really matters when it comes to health and medical AV systems are the lack of latency and crystal-clear, high resolution images.


The secure, ‘data diode class’ versions of our products are trusted and has been proven various high-level application where security and integrity are key concerns.


Lightware bring uncompromising AV technology into the world of E-sports and Gaming Tournaments. Lightware’s devices and technologies rise to the challenges of the rapidly growing world of E-sports and gaming tournaments.

Residental & Home

Who would not want a true cinema experience in their own home? Lightware can provide your system design with the highest quality, most reliable signal management equipment a residential video network would ever need, even in Full 4K.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is usually a series of electronic displays used to show advertisements, product information, menu boards, wayfinding or other visual messages in lobby receptions, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms, student lounges, basically any public space or network.

Entertainment & Sports

When it comes to designing the AV system for a Sports, Theatre or Entertainment space, the system integrators need to consider the expectations and goals of people working at a sports venue, people on stage, people backstage and the people in the audience

Rental & Staging

Live events are often costly and you will only get one chance to make that first impression. Equipment for those events are typically rented, as a one-off show does not necessarily justify a big investment in equipment, which makes Rental and Staging services a substantial segment of the A/V market.


Real-time operating centers, control rooms, simulation and training facilities, tele-presence and video conferencing centers, and last but not least security and surveillance are all obvious examples where quality video signals are almost mandatory in everyday operation.

Oil & Gas

Many of Lightware’s close partners and distributors have installed Lightware equipment installed in oil & gas onshore and offshore facilities, with positive experiences and customer feebacks in areas of audio, video, collaboration and control infrastructure.