Cisco Room Configuration Wizard


Configuration application to quickly and easily integrate Lightware devices into Cisco Rooms.

Highlighted features

  • Easy and intuitive UI
  • Automatically generated configuration file ready to download and install
  • Additional resources for including application diagram and setup guide
  • No software download required
  • No programming skills required

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Lightware’s Cisco Room Configuration Wizard allows system integrators and AV technicians to quickly and intuitively set up and configure connections and functions between Lightware devices and Cisco codecs, without any time consuming and complex programming needed.

In order to get the room up and running, operators only need to follow a few simple steps, and the application does the all the rest automatically.

Just simply choose your Cisco device from the list, then select the Lightware device you wish to integrate, and finally, add customs names and choose connections for all of your sources, displays and other room utilities.

Following this it only takes a click of a button to generate a configuration file that can be downloaded and installed right away.

Furthermore, the Cisco Room Configuration Wizard automatically generates an application diagram and a quick and easy, step-by-step guide to walk your through process.

You can check this great application out via the link below, or you can also watch Jason Tirado who walks you through all the great benefits and possibilities offered by Lightware’s Cisco integration technology.

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