Two Output Dual-Link DVI Distribution Amplifier

DA2DVI‑DL is a single input / 2 output multifunctional Dual‑ Link DVI distribution amplifier with built‑in EDID Management, allowing to create, edit and emulate EDIDs. It distributes signals at the highest resolutions required for military, medical, automotive design and active 3D (60 + 60 Hz) applications.

Highlighted features

Lightware DA2DVI-DL is a multifunctional Dual-Link DVI distribution amplifier with built-in EDID Management. It distributes signals at the highest resolutions required for military, medical, automotive design and active 3D (60 + 60 Hz) applications.

Thanks to the Advanced EDID Management, DA2DVI-DL can emulate any DVI display for continuous video Output even if the attached display is disconnected or powered down. The EDID memories from 01 to 50 are factory preset and the memories from 51 to 79 are user programmable. Memory 00 is transparent which means that the attached display device's EDID (monitor or projector connected to OUTPUT1) will be copied to the Input connector. With the Easy EDID Creator (free PC software) the users can create their own EDID by completing four simple steps. More experienced users can use the Advanced EDID Editor software to manage every possible setting in the EDID. This can be uploaded to the memory of the DA2DVI-DL via the mini-USB port.

DA2DVI-DL can be rack mounted or used standalone. The unit is equipped with the highest grade gold plated connectors and gold plated printed circuit boards to ensure reliable connections and long-term operation.


  • Rental and staging
  • Military and GIS
  • Medical
  • Scientific visualizations
  • Virtual Reality Training
  • Simulation
  • Conference rooms, collaborative telepresence
  • Custom resolution and refresh rate EDID emulation
  • '120 Hz' 3D visualizations (60 + 60 Hz active 3D)
Data rate per TMDS channel: 1.65 Gbps
Max resolution: 3840 x 2400 or 4096 x 2400
Reclocking: no
HDCP pass through: no
Input cable equalization: +1 dB
Output boost: selectable 0 dB, +3 dB or +6 dB
Front panel control: yes, EDID learn button, EDID selector switch
LED indicators: EDID status, Hotplug, Source 5V detect
EDID memory: 100 EDID
Programmable EDID memory: 50 EDID
EDID support: 256 byte Extended EDID
+5V Power on DVI Outputs: 500 mA
Power: universal power adaptor, DC 5V 2.5A
Power consumption: 4 W (typ) 6 W (max)
Enclosure: 1 mm metal
Dimensions: 100,4 W x 67,6 D x 26 H mm
Net weight: 235 gramms
Warranty: 3 years

Input / Output: 29 pole DVI-I connector (digital only)
USB: mini USB-B female connector
Power: locking DC connector (2.5 / 5.5 mm)
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