2m long USB Full-Featured Type-C cable for USB 3.1 Gen1

Highlighted features

  • 60Watt / 3A charging and eMarker (Fast Charging of Laptops, tablets and phones)
  • Supporting peripherals via USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps (Mouse, Keyboard, Thumb Drive, Speakerphone and Webcam)
  • 4 Lane Displayport Alt mode (4K60FPS Video and Audio)
  • USB 3 Gen1 5Gbps "SuperSpeed" (4K Webcam, SSD storage)
  • Connector dimensions according to standard. No bulky repeaters along the cable.

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The 5 Stars of USB-C Cables

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Lightware’s Full Featured USB-C cables truly shine in every aspect of signal management, such as quality, reliability and connectivity features.

We are delighted to offer a range of USB-C cables - available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 m versions - that stood our diligent tests and can deliver the full-range of features offered by Lightware’s devices, such as the Taurus UCX.

displayport alternate mode

4K 60FPS video and audio

usb 2.0

Mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, speakerphone and webcam

usb 3.x

4K webcam, SSD storage

powerdelivery support

Fast charging of laptops, tablets and phones


Convenient to use and to install

This Type-C to Type-C USB cable offers data speeds up to 5Gbps and allows users to connect their laptop or other devices to Lightware’s USB-C compatible extenders and switchers. The cable’s length of 2m is ideal for most meeting room and presenter’s desk applications.

The cable proved itself to work with great efficiency with our new USB-C capable Taurus UCX as well as with various source devices. Its reliability, build-quality and technical parameters make this accessory our number one choice forprojects involving USB-C connectivity.

Lock your USB-C!

Lightware’s C-lock cable flanges enhance safety and reliability by offering a 2-point securing for connected USB-C cables. Pack contains 20 pieces of flanges and include both the screws and the cable clamps as well.

USB-C Cable Locker

2 xUSB Full-Featured Type-C™ plug

Technical characteristics
Maximum Data Speed

5 Gpbs

Maximum Current

3 A

Electronically marked 


Compatible with Displayport Alternate Mode


Physical characteristics
Cable diameter

4,8 mm

Pin coating



2 m 



File name Type Language File format Size Date  
USB-C Cables Testing Guide application/pdf English pdf 5 MB 2021-10-27 Download
CAB-USBC-T200A - 1 image/jpeg English jpg 297 KB 2021-08-18 Download
CAB-USBC-T200A - CAB-USBC-T200A - Side view image/jpeg English jpg 83 KB 2022-02-23 Download
CAB-USBC-T200A - CAB-USBC-T200A - Top view image/jpeg English jpg 83 KB 2022-02-23 Download
CAB-USBC-T200A - 2 image/jpeg English jpg 34 KB 2022-02-23 Download
CAB-USBC-T200A Product Brief application/pdf English pdf 468 KB 2022-02-25 Download
USB-C Cables Comparison Chart application/pdf English pdf 358 KB 2022-03-02 Download