4K DVI-D Input Board with KVM

25G‑8DVID2‑K2-IB provides fully transparent HDMI 1.4 connectivity to the latest high‑end digital sources including 3D between the endpoints.

Highlighted features

*See the audio switching matrix for more details.

25G-8DVID2-IB provides fully transparent HDMI 1.4 connectivity to the latest high-end digital sources including 3D functions between the endpoints. Supports resolution up to 4096x2160@30Hz in 4:4:4 mode or 3840x2160@60Hz in 4:2:0 mode. The new 300MHz board supports the latest 3D formats as well as HD multichannel audio. 25G-8DVID2-IB has eight DVI D connectors. Each input has 30m input cable equalization and individual EDID Management.

25G-8DVID2-IB handles embedded audio in the HDMI signal and can de embed 2-channel LPCM and various IEC 61937 audio streams from it to the Forward Audio Layer. Embedding of such streams from the Return Audio Layer to the HDMI signal is also supported. All audio options of the DVI D input board are software configurable on a per port basis. The board also provides connectivity options for computers with USB HID peripherals through its USB-B connectors on the K2 addon. Each input port can handle two HID devices.

Supported Media Layers

  • Video layer with embedded audio
  • Forward audio layer
  • USB KVM layer
 HDCP compliancy:  Yes
 Max Resolution:  4K / UHD (30Hz RGB or YCrCb 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0), 1080p@60Hz, 720p/1080i@120Hz>
 Supported audio formats:  HDMI audio according to the Audio switching matrix section
 3D signal compatibility:  Frame packing, side-by-side, top-bottom
 Input cable equalization:  30 m for 1080p60Hz, 14 m for 4K@30Hz (tested with 22AWG cable)
 Power consumption:  N/A
Heat dissipation:  N/A
 Video connectors:  8 x DVI-D
USB connectors:  8x USB B
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Product brief - 25G-8DVID2-K2-IB

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