Control Concepts and Lightware Enhance Collaboration

Creating custom control for your Zoom Room is now possible, making collaboration easier and more intuitive then ever before. In our upcoming webinar, we will show how this is accomplished and demonstrate the tools for adding control to Zoom with Lightware and Control Concepts.

Zoom has become a part of almost everyone’s daily life and also an inevitable part of our work experience this year. Up until recently though, the Zoom interface for users was locked down. Now that Zoom has opened their API, Lightware and Control Concepts have teamed up to show in an inspiring webinar what can be achieved within the Zoom environment. 

Join us and find out how Zoom’s recent update allows customization of the interface for expanded switching capability and control of other devices. With an online tool developed by Control Concepts, the Lightware switcher can be directly controlled from the Zoom interface. Through Zoom Room customization, you can now:

  • Provide in-room control without the need for a dedicated control system
  • Add more inputs to a Zoom Room system
  • Empower technology professionals to be more self-sufficient
  • Avoid heavyweight programming requirements by using a configuration tool

During this interactive webinar, we will:

  • Discuss what can be provided through Zoom Room control
  • Demonstrate a tool that automatically creates the JSON files necessary for Zoom Room customization
  • Provide before and after examples of customization
  • Show you how easy it is to accommodate USB Host Switching for BYOC applications

Make sure you grab this great opportunity to learn more about how to make out the most of your Zoom Rooms. Numbers are limited, therefore we encourage you to register today to avoid missing out.