What's News at ISE 2019

Do not miss the chance to meet these newcomers in person: visit our booth 3-C100 at ISE 2019 to learn more, experience live demos and new product showcases.

You can see and try MX2 units, talk to our sales team about the perfect MX2 for your future projects, and learn every detail you may want to ask about.

HDMI 2.0 Products

Full 4K Standalone Matrix Switchers

The already shipping MX2 series is our HDMI 2.0 matrix router line: huge crosspoints in compact boxes. Both new crosspoint sizes have analog audio enhanced versions, and all of them have ‘R Type’ variants with Neutrik EtherCon and PowerCon connectors and redundant power options.

Full 4K Standalone Matrix Switchers with DisplayPort and HDMI Input Ports

The MX2 series also offers dongle-free solutions for DisplayPort connectivity: matrix switchers with direct DP 1.2 input besides HDMI 2.0.

Full 4K TPS (HDBaseTTM) Extenders with RS-232, IR, Return Audio and Ethernet

This HDMI 2.0 compatible, HDBaseTTM based TPS extenders are available in pairs, the TX model feeds PoE power to the RX model via the CATx cable.

Video-over-IP Products

Uncompressed AV-Over-IP System for 10G Networks

This year we introduce three UBEX models with different features and services, adding audio embedding and de-embedding, control, and also KVM services to the product features of the base model.

AV-Over-IP Multimedia Extender for 1G Networks

The VINX AV-Over-IP series has been popular since birth, and we are now introducing three new variants, adding new services to the already existing set, featuring PoE, Audio Embedding, Audio De-embedding, VGA input and Audio Return Channel and virtual matrix crosspoint management.

Fiber Optical Extender

Full 4K Fiber Optical Extenders

The OPTC series fiber optical extenders are already very popular with the Rental & Staging companies and their applications, and now they are available in new variants with three types of rugged connector sets.

Control System

Room Automation Panel

A cool looking, programmable wall panel interface, including our built-in room control Event Manager, with RS-232 and GPIO control ports and PoE remote power reception and transmission capabilities.


Rack-mountable PowerTray for up to 16x HDMI20-OPTJ-TX/RX90 Optical Extenders

You might have already met this useful rack mounting accessory for the OPTJ series, only we now have three different optical connector set versions available.

Cisco Room Integration

Matrix Switchers and Extenders with Advanced Control Feature Pack

A Lightware device can add multiport input and room control to a CISCO room, without the need for a costly third party control system or sophisticated programming. We have added ‘Advanced Control’ features to our matrix switchers and ‘Plus’ class of extenders to make device integration even easier and deeper, also managing serial port password requests.

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